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Pre Order Your Ghost Recon 4


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Personally I am going to hold off pre-ordering for the time being, it was good to see Play having it relisted though.

As we move closer to a release I am sure we will see deals like exclusive weapons etc, but I am hoping that there is a face plate offer, had to get my GRAW and GRAW 2 faceplates from Australia.

I just hope and pray that they learnt from the exclusive map (Nowhere) from last time, seemed pretty stupid dividing the community on day one...

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Yep Ratman,

i'd like to see all the content in game the day I buy it and not little perks for doing this and that.

I remember the confusion over the famas!

The new Recon only needs 3 maps, Slight variations on Headquarters, Shoreline, Riverbank. its all people want to play..... playing then once in a while is ok but not those three in rotation or just HQ every ###### game.

Hopefully the Devs realise that although those maps are played alot we dont want to play them all the time. I'd love to see the STATs they got on maps played.

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