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Playing "radio Man" In Exfiltration

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Due to the lack of any squad or team setups in GRAW2 you have to become very creative to keep the fun going. Some do pistols only or no grenaidiers. These different variations are cool but don't really last very long. Well i have one game variation that i play and with the right ppl in your room it never gets boring. I have been playing "Radio Man" since GR2 and it works great on Exfiltration mode. So what is RADIO MAN? let me explain.

To keep it Simple, RADIO MAN is all about communication, following orders, patience and serious team work. IF you don't have these qualities don't bother reading this, but if you do, get ready to have some fun and breath new life back into GRAW2 Co-op modes. RADIO MAN can be played in any Co-op mode or even MP modes if you like. However Exfiltration is the mode of choice for this explanation because it offers great Co-operative values.

Step One:

Split the room into two groups with each group having a Squad leader. Both squad leaders are your RADIO MEN. Both squad leaders work together as they each lead their squad to flank and overwhelm the enemy. There must be NO unneccessary talking between teammates only from the radio men to their teammates and between both Squad leaders to coordinate the mission.

Step two:

Once everyone is on board and understands what they have to do and the game starts, Both RADIO MEN are to highlight themselves Orange by press down on the D pad. This distinguishes them from their team as leader. Both teams must take different routes on the map that will lead them both to the goal at hand. Working together is key on small and larger maps. One team may have to wait until the other team gets to a certain point to then advance because they may have to cover more ground, in order to create the flank.

Communicating with your team:

Squad leaders use the map and compass extensively so get use to it. When sending teammates to a certain location the order is given along with a set way point so that the team members know just where to go and what to do when they get there.

Squad Leaders acknowledge each other by saying the name of the squad they want to talk to then saying this is "Squad leader" e.g. "Alpha, this is Squad leader" IF there are more than two squads then say your squad name after so that the other squads would know who your are, e.g. "Alpha, this is Squad leader Charlie" and so on.

Working with Exfiltration:

Both Squad leaders should have their teams in visual few of the P.O.W once they both reach the points they need to be at on the map. Make sure to maintain a good distance from the P.O.W while maintaining a good visual. Any detection of your presence will result in the P.O.W being killed. Target the guards closest to the Officer and make your shots count :snipe: Team work is everything,

Rules of the Game:

1) They're NO solo players in RADIO MAN. Everyone works as one unit. If someone is wounded his teammate can reach him quicker then if he was elsewhere across the map. Also several guns are better than one. When you work as a team the enemy gets cut down quickly and you can bring more fire to bear on a specific target..

2) If your Squad leader is killed, the next player can take command by highlighting himself (this is decided in the lobby who will be next in command on both squads) It also helps to maintain order during the gameplay.

3) No player can go ahead of his Squad Leader, unless he is told to do so by his Squad leader, maintaining good spacing to avoid friendly fire is a given, avoid bunching.

4) Each squad must have a grenidier and a sniper roll.

5) NO drones are allowed in Radio Man but it is Optional for those who perfer it. All settings are custom for Hard and the enemy density should be on HIGH.

Once you play Radio Man a few times it gets addictive. You will love the tactical teamwork and the effectiveness of this style of play. Getting killed early and having to sit out is no way to play, but if you work together and follow instructions everyone should be able to make it to the chopper at the end. EXFILTRATION is a great game mode in GRAW2 and Radio Man makes it even better. Hope you enjoy playing RADIO MAN and remember... keep it tactical! :gun:

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