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Pz3 (aka Prozac360) Out!


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Well guys I'll be deploying anytime now. No specific dates set yet but its close. I will be heading to Afghanistan and doing what countless other guys had to do before me (run from camel spiders). So Ill be checking this post off and on until im out.

Would like to say GR.net is a kick ass crack heroin type addiction over the past years and hopefully I will be returning when my tour is done and GR4 comes out. :ph34r: maybe it will be good?!

Anyways special Thanks to EricJ for answering all my questions I ask and giving me some insight on what to expect. Thanks a lot!

Ill keep you guys posted whenever I run across a computer with net access.

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The comments below are taken from President Kennedy's commencement speech to Air Force Academy graduates in 1962. Granted a very long time ago but I can imagine he would say the same things to those now deploying overseas.

I want to express my appreciation for this and consider it a high honor.

You have chosen to serve the Great Republic at a turning point in our history.

Many of us can now see in the days ahead you will occupy positions of the highest responsibility.

And merely because we move into a changing period of weapon technology as well as political challenge

because in fact we move into that period there is greater need for you then ever before who have committed themselves to the service of our country and the cause of its freedom.

I congratulate you all. -John F. Kennedy

Best regards to you Pz


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