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Authorize Map Download

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I've set up a small private server (not dedicated) and add some maps in my "Custom_levels" folder. I think it's the correct way to add new maps, isn't it?

The problem is when players join and do not have those new maps, they can't log and there's no "download button" on the error message they have.

I've seen by joining some internet servers that when I do not have a map, such a button appears.... so I'm wondering why my server does not allow this option?

So my question is, how can I add this button on my server and allow my friends to directly download new maps from my server?

Thank you in advance.



Ok found!

Just need to edit "map_downloads.xml" in "Custom_levels" and specify a web location.

Need to test it, but it seems the correct way :P

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Like one member sayd,you must compile a xml file called map download(the same file you have into your custom levels folder as soon downloaded the first map by a server) with some strings(one for every map you want to give to), an example : <map bundle_name="downtownabilene" address="" /> (all on a line)

this is one of my strings into the map download xml file.obviously you must get your address,or based on your line/pc, or on the link in whitch you put the maps. hoping to have been usefull...byeeeeee

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