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Preacher maps


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Evening All And Thanks For Down Loading The Mod !

Just Want to throw a few things at you so u see how to use maps and game types alittle better.

First- Every map pls Use BLUE Team And GOLD team, For Any kind of Team Game type !

Second- Its All serverside Only. Also Has Missions For Offline or Online play.

Third Is you going to have to have Desert seige and Island Thunder to play.

Fourth- Must Maps Are TRR for less spawn killing and ones that aint have better spawning pionts. and Seige Dont Work Too well, but that up to You.

And for starters Like- Turf wars, Try Small Map Like Docks (small) Until All get used too rules And its one of the better maps to play turf wars on anyhow.

But for warm ups its great and noobs !

Well I hope u all enjoy it. Its for better game play and new feel of old place going from Day to night and just plain out better looking env.

and also comes with a Installer and Uninstaller...

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Nice Very Nice. I like your Mod Alot... Very well done on maps

The env are much more sharper and more life like, Skies and fog blends in great too give the maps a very warm feeling rather it be Dawn, Day, Dusk or Even Night. Should add in more weather but its really not need.

Turf wars fun as hell love it !!!! :D

So Is Preacher's Run Great Co oP Game..

So anyways just wanted too say i love it.

and if i was too never get a mod again your's would be the last one i got.

Great work.

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