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New Ogr Map: South_park


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two versions - South_Park is meant for single death servers, south_park_spawn for those who like to die a lot.

Adding a note for those who don't play on our servers with teamspeak:

There are only three passages from south to north. One is blocked by a panhard that sometimes can be blown with C4 - if there's no C4, only the two remaining routes are an option. Those routes requires that you find a sewer entrance that allow you to go below the blocked surface route.

Graphics glitch at the west sewer entrance - I know how to avoid it, but every time I rendered the map in a "fixed" state it crashed as soon as I started walking on it. So I adapted the AI not to wait for you on the other side of those "black curtains" - just walk through the black stuff - you'll be ok. Another thing we noticed is that sometimes when a lot of stuff explodes, the map will crash. This is probably a memory limitation or just random. Most of the time, the map works just fine. None of the crashes have been repeatable, and I think they only happened once or twice with dedicated server. More often when LAN hosting (bigger RAM hog)

more info and even a fly-over video in the forum post below


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