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Windows 7 Beta Free Official Download Tomorrow

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Well, I installed the beta on my work desktop (now it's triple booting XP, Vista and Win 7 beta) and it took me all of 20 minutes (Q6600/P35/4GB RAM). The cool thing is I forgot the Beta key at home (I downloaded it at home and burned it on a DVD to take to work) but it still installed fine without the key.

I only got to spend about 3 minutes taking a quick look before I had to take off from work but noticed it looks like they're copying the Mac "dock", the nice new wallpapers and interesting it comes with the IE8 beta.

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You've got the key at home but just in case and for others who cannot find it at all:

1) If you have misplaced your product key for activation, don't worry. Just return to the site where you downloaded the *** Beta, restart the download process and re-enter your Windows Live ID. This will re-display the product key you were assigned when you downloaded the product. (And, you can use the same product key to install the Windows 7 Beta on up to three PCs.)

*** http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7...t_pmgbi_win7_11

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