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Natsanwa's Support Pack


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Well I was reading this topic (I missed it before) and noticed there was mention of a SMAW maybe being made. I was just thinking last night I would love to see one in-game. I have a few pictures of the SMAW that may help with the modelling, I can get more when I get back to the states if you need. Sorry, all the SMAWs we have are beat up pieces of ######, but maybe they'll help. Most of the pictures were taken when we were boresighting so ignore all the usless stuff. And I'll try to find some with a rocket loaded, I'm sure someone around here has some. Let me know if you need/want more. I hope this isn't a dead topic. <_<


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many weaps that nat has done over the years can also be found in P2...including winterized SCARs, his first stabb at the Cheytac M200, a nice tacital SAW, the SMAW, and FLASH(fires multiple rounds if wanted). Russian stuff too....

mig :ph34r:

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just looking through my old posts. man, i wish i could have finished the support pack. but thanks to mig and co, at least a few of them got out there! nice one fella. i'm not sure if i will be installing 3ds max back on to my new pc, it seems every time i do, i get a hard drive failiure for some reason. this will be my 3rd new hard drive in 2 years. problem is......i'm itching to mod!!! who knows..

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I have great respect of your work !

I like the weapons you have created in the past.

So I (and many other) hope that you will finish the support pack...

...as soon as possible...

...and begin the next project with many other weapons... :)

And i have a solution for your HDD Problem:

3 HDD in 2 years (730 days) = 243 days / HDD

So You only have to change your HDDs every 242 days - simple isn't it? :D

No kidding!

I am sure there are still a lot of GR 1 fans out there, who

would be very happy to see some new weapons from you. :thumbsup:

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