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Map Editor Ideas


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Right Im guessing on a long shot here but if they release a map editor what would you like it to contain.


Varying sized sheets ( 1m x 1m, 4m x 4m, 10m x 10m ) with different textures. Ie metal, brick, mud, straw, concrete etc.

Glass windows


Jets ( varied ) non drivable

Helicopters ( varied ) non drivable

Cars and Trucks ( varied ) non drivable

Roads ( highway and off road )


Varying heights of grass and types

Varied fencing


Gun emplacements

Industrial machinery in rusted and prestine condition

Varied bridges

As many different buildings as possible ( from straw huts to tall modern urban buildings

As many different terrain paint sets as possible ( snow, grass, jungle, desert, swamp, mountain, urban, industrial )


Ability to enter small text description of created map

Ability to resize assets

Place water on different heights


Selectable weather

Set max number of players per gametype per map

Selectable time of day

Easy transfer of maps/missions between friends

Only allowed to publisher 1-2 maps per month on public server. Infinite transfer of maps between friends.

Scoring system to allow popular maps to automatically be allocated to ranked servers. Say min 1000 votes with average score 9 or over to qualify.


Select targets and/or mission objectives/parameters

Set triggers

Set alarms

Set enemy positions

Set weapon restrictions

Set max number of players

String missions together to make campaign

Text briefings and mission objectives/parameters.

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As much as i would like to see any kind of editor for the console version. I just find it way to hard to believe they would.

If you ask me, i think they all need to add in some kind of editor in all games. One reason why i think PC will forever rule, becuase even if it don't have a editor its still moddable in some form! As for GR for console yes a editor at least a CooP editor would go for miles on a improvment. As for now all my hopes are in [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising] for this editor deal.

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For me the map editor in Far Cry 2, was better than the game. It is the way that map editors should be done... excellent A+.

The game (multiplayer) not so much...

Very good map editors for consoles can be done right and Ubisoft has proven it with Far Cry 2.

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Its actually impressive what you can do with that editor. Does xbox live not have some rules regarding user generated content? I vaguely remember there were some issues with Unreal Tournament.

MS problem with generated content is only if its made outside of the x360 itself. So they dont want people maken mods on PC and bring them to the console. However they fine with the editor and/or a mod maker right on the game disc. They don't want to open up the x360 to outside mods to prevent cheating that can come from it. If they keep it to editing to whats on the game disc only. Its stopping you from adding in extra code to cheat.

However as much as i can see why they do it. I don't fully agree with them. I'm a PC gamer too and i would like to add in my own maps and mods as wanted to any game. So until this changes we have to hope more devs step up and add in editors to there games! So its not a total loss. There has been afew games picking up on editors and there is afew more coming out. Its slim, but they are out there and still more coming. Far Cry 2 just happens to be the must advanced right now. Hope more fellow suit!

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Also add ability to:

Set sight range of individual enemies.

Set damage model for each weapon ( mounted 50cals should be absolutely lethal and terrifying ).

Set stance of individual enemies.

Set alert status of individual enemies.

Set patrol paths for individual enemies.

Set flight paths for planes and helos.

Set insertion location and method.

Set hidden objectives.

Set triggered objectives.

Set explosions ( airstrike/artillery/stationary bomb ) locations relative to time or event/location triggers.

Set civilian locations and paths.

Set civilians as hostages.

Add the abilities to copy and pastes created assets to maps, so that i can create a tank asset and a battleship asset and a jet asset in seperate maps and copy them into one map.

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