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Multiplayer Ranking Changes?

GRAW Grunt

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I've always loved the idea of a ranking mode in games, because it encourages a greater level of intensity to the online games. You're playing for something, so to speak. Anyway, I know Ubisoft has been extremely quiet on details of upcoming games, but I've always wondered if anyone's heard any ramblings of possible changes to the online ranking system?

As much as I love the idea of the TrueSkill/ELO system they were trying to go with, it's just been so tainted and easily circumvented because of boosting that the ranking system is no longer relevant to one's familiarity or expertise in the game. Even though no game has a perfect ranking system, it would be nice if they'd create a ranking system independent of the TrueSkill system, similar to the COD 4/5 series, and even in some respects, Splinter Cell Double Agent. What would be nice is some kind of ranking system that rewards experience for playing all facets of the game i.e., modes, maps, weapons, classes, etc... This way, people will be more encouraged to play all aspects of the game, instead of seeing people rank grinding, e.g., people playing pistols for 5 minutes on headquarters...over and over and over and over... They should have a special mode for people like this called Headquarter-Con. HA...I think you get my point.

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