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Could not load texture


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Could not load texture because IDirect3D9::CreateTexture call failed.

Direct3D does not have enough display memory to perform the operation.

This error is caused by too many textures on memory. Try lowering ur detail in game. For custom maps i suggest to check the texture scope in details. Sometimes for just 1 building on the map u have to set a lot of textures packages.

Better way for me is to set a map on 2 kind of buildings.

City - Shanty

shanty - industrial

Industrial - City

Hac - Shanty


This allow u to set just the shanty and industrial textures. Sometimes is good idea check some original maps like calavera. This map has 2 different type of buildings only. Shanty and Industrial. I think soo this the only way to save the amount of textures in memory.

Well the work spend by Radiator is awesome. The only thing is a little laggy but playable for me. Maybe helis on multiplayer are causing lag plus the heavy fire on the plane. But i love it.

Nice mission-map radiator. Good Job mate.

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Thats funny we just had 28 players on the map and no one had a crash problem, and we all got around 50 to 95 fps. Most of us had 75 fps, maybe you are using your graphics card as a physics as well.? We had 1 guy who had that but he said it was the drivers. He lowered the physics and all was right. LoBo's right lower the game details or make the physics to normal.

LoBo how do you do set 2 kinds of building textures.

I did think of putting <xi:include href="heavy_down_rules.xml"/>but I was not sure. :blush:

Let me know if that works ( lowering the details) so I know what to fix... :(

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texture details to high and the physics to normal = Crash

texture details to medium and the physics to normal = This works

Well there is obviously a big problem here with too many textures being used as Fiero has already suggested. But, as always, we have no information about this. Unable to offer any help, though I would like to see any suggestions from anyone else.

We obviously need to get a better idea of what texture packages are best to use in general.

LoBo how do you do set 2 kinds of building textures.

Good question, hope it gets the ball rolling.

For me, I can play all game modes and campaign coop with high settings, I should not have to lower those for a custom map, the custom map should be suitable for me. I hope you figure this stuff out, and we all get to understand what s going on.


Maybe you can start a new topic in the map making forums about this issue? Otherwise, maybe need to split this topic up as it is going in a new direction.

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Yup tinker your right. Some admin can fix this. Split or move.Thx

LoBo how do you do set 2 kinds of building textures.

Ok Radiator and Tinker this is the best way for me. Here is one example.

1- Unpack the full quick.bundle first.


Sometimes you need to check the quick bundles structure and keep it on the same way.

I hope this help you on the incoming maps.

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I just added a post to lightmaping heavy down, then I looked at your post. :blush:

I'll have a play with it .

I just had my texture details settings to high and the physics to high too.

and my computer didn't crash, so I got two more guys to do the same and they didn't crash.

but my fps was 80 fps with the physics set to normal and set to high I got 25 fps.

Is it the map or too many textures.

or could it be a conflict with Tinker computer..

Lobo have a look in my post to see if I need to remove them..

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