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Heroes Unleashed Server, Courtesy Of + S D


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presents an opportunity to play the latest unofficial expansion pack on our 100mbit dedicated server:



SERVER IS DOWN, 12/26/08, due to lack of participation (zero joins in 3 days). Bandwidth has been shifted back to ArmA. PM rossiski if you want to have a dedicated running.

Come over to the +SD forums for joining requirements.

In short:

- TEAMSPEAK is Mandatory...no exceptions.

- Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be accepted. Come on folks, we're all adults here.

- Have fun!

- Server will run for at least the week of Christmas 2008, maybe longer depending on you!

Game server is

Teamspeak server is

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Wow, that looks great, rossiski! I feel honored that you host a Heroes Unleashed game server, and I think that makes +SD the first to do so, officially. Congrats! If I wasn't so unbelievably tired right now (it's almost 4am here), I'd jump in right away. I hope you have lots of fun playing the mod!

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I'm sorry to hear that Co-Op participation was lacking so far, rossiski, but as mentioned in above post by Gache, it requires quite a bit of time to download the almost 1GB of Heroes Unleashed, especially on average internet connections.

Many people will also give the mod a try in single-player first, to orientate themselves before jumping into a multiplayer game. Personal experience: A friend of mine contacted me via instant messenger suggesting a 2 player co-op online game (he had just finished downloading Heroes Unleashed). I agreed, prepped for battle (unplugged the phone, got myself some water etc.), set up a server at GameRanger, and waited... and waited... and waited...

I couldn't reach my friend by IM anymore, he did not answer his phone (see above), so I had no way to contact him. Nine(!!!) hours later he calls me up, apologizing for the slight delay with these words: "Man, I'm so sorry! I just wanted to have a little look at the mod!" :rolleyes:

Conclusion: Please keep in mind that there is a lot of content in Heroes Unleashed for people to play around with. ;)

Oh, and another thing. I registered at the +SD forums to join the server (which is still running apparently), but the listed prerequisites include TeamSpeak 2, which I cannot offer as I am using a Mac (for Mac there is only a TS1 client available). From almost 1000 downloads (all mirrors combined) of Heroes Unleashed so far, about half have been for Mac, so I guess I am not the only one with that problem.

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Please keep in mind that there is a lot of content in Heroes Unleashed for people to play around with. ;)

Absolutely Right! w00t:blink::D

I've finally had a chance to look around Heroes Unleashed - with any luck I'll be online with it around 0100GMT tonight.

Will try and put an ad hoc server up if I can't see one...

Edit: server should be visible on GameRanger or at I'll leave it up for an hour or so...

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my server guy just moved but once he is settled here i am going to see if he can setup a dedicated server for it as well. I don't see a problem with it I will just need to get him the server files. And suggestions in that part would be greatly appreciated.

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