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Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed


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Link: HU Tags Multicam Mod

Requires HU version 1.0.0b9 
Kudos to ApexMods for the Heroes Unleashed Mod and the work and time he took to make it!

REQUIRES and ACTIVATED in this order: 
GR patched to 1.4
Heroes Unleashed 1.0.0b9 aka V9
HU_Tags_Multicam Mod

>>Version 1:
-Hex edited 31 .map files to correct the issue where AI could see through the vegetation. 
-This was done with the 010 Editor and AlexKimov's .map file template. 
-Correctly tagged vegetation.rsb's with the RSB Editor as needed.

Replaces Ghost skins in SP with multicam. 
Ghosts characters in three versions of Multicam: woodland, desert and jungle.
The snipers use the Scott Ibrahim and Jack Stone models.
Support uses the Nigel Tunney and Buzz Gordon Models. 
Demo and Rifleman use the original models.
Textures are 512 x 512.

 A few weapon, frag, Russian and Female voice sounds.

m01_caves.mis is an edited version of HU campaign mission M01 Caves, the second mission of the HU campaign. Edited to correct the CTD when trying to load a save. The "Effect - Hidden" was set an at height of 9,999 meters, IIRC. I set it to 2 meters and have not had any CTD when loading any save either ingame or when resuming the mission.

 093 Islands Noon, 175 Islands Noon have the issue where the ghosts do not appear on the command map. I did not have luck tagging vegetation on these maps.

Credit: Big thanks to AlexKimov who provided the know how and .map template so that the below community made maps would have correct vegetation tagging.

056 Canyon River         gp22_canyon_river
069 Battleground         gp02_battleground
073 Sniper Training      cgt03_snipe
088 Ranch                       gp14_ranch
089 Tropics Fog             crx2_tropics_fog
090 Jungle Villa -Tof     a03_sordela_residence
097 Jungle Path -Tof     tof1_jungle_path
103 Countryside fog      ef7_countryside_fog
105 Monkey Island        rmi02_monkey_island
128 Chinese Temple       gp04_chinese_temple
139 Countryside clear    ef1_countryside_clear
146 Penitentiary             gp06_penitentiary
150 Lake Retreat             gp07_lake_retreat
152 Farmstead                 gp12_farmstead
160 Ridge                         gp20_ridge
161 Waterfall                   gp21_brandywine_falls
163 Jungle Camp            gp23_jungle_camp
165 Ocean Town             gp25_ocean_city
191 Jungle Hamlet          a01_pueblo_esperanza
192 Country Home         gp05_country_home
193 Ski Slope                   gp15_ski_slope
195 Islands Dawn (XXL)   p02_islands_dawn
206 Jungle Path Rain      tof2_jungle_path_rain
214 Isles Dawn (M)          p04_isles_dawn
216 Sunken Fortress       gp01_sunken_fortress
217 Jungle Beach            a02_playa_neruda  
223 Monkey Island Rain   rmi03_monkey_island_rain
231 Tropics                      crx2_tropics_fog
232 Jurassic Park            gp13_jurassic_park
234 Towers                      gp28_towers
237 Beach Village           a04_pueblo_zapata

UNDONE due to spareness of vegetation or too damn lazy.
71 Nuclear Facility
172 Radar Island
188 Subway 


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Wombat - you ROCK for making this uniform-mission-vegetation pack! 


Burner, ACU works well in environments that produce a light sheen - as it then more closely matches the more "reflective" nature of the ACU.

But put it in an environment where that "sheen" is reduced, and its massive shortcomings come shining through (pun intended!). 

Some examples...




All I know is that when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs, I'll be rushing for the Multicam, and hope that every cannibal I'll ever encounter is wearing ACU.


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I guess the Army high brass predicated that all future wars would occur in gray concrete urban environments which was the thinking with MOUT...this would have made sense if it worked out that way.

And then there was Afghanistan which can be quite green and brown and Iraq which is mostly desert. Thankfully mutilcam came in to save the day.

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Anyone else get a CTD when trying to play any of the XL or XXL maps like Islands? It's weird. If it's say Islands on XXL Black Ops on Elite it will straight up crash, if it's a little smaller I will get sound but the window will minimize and I won't be able to play.

EDIT: Apparently it's any sized match, even my saved campaign. I recently updated my video card drivers, as far as I know it's the only thing that could be causing it. Any ideas?

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<MapName>214 - Isles Dawn and <MapName>093 - Isles Noon both work for me on XXL Black Ops.
Occasionally in SP and with friends online we will have CTD with HU but it is uncommon.

The only idea I have is the following:
Ghost Recon patched to version 1.4 (check lower right hand corner of the GR Main Menu screen for version number)

Then activate in this order:
Desert Siege
Island Thunder
Heroes Unleashed  v1.0.0b9

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Hi guys,

I just signed up b/c I am looking for a fix to my problem: I have played the "HU Campaign" up to mission 22 (Spectre Wind) - twice!

For the life of me I cannot finish the objective  "vehicle park" - so, basically, I am stuck in mission 22 with no enemy left, having been all over the map, shot at every tire of every vehicle on the map - phew...

While the mod is AWESOME, I'm a little flustered and would appreciate some help, since I'm out of ideas.

Thanks in advance!


(BTW: is the bayonet of any use, i.e. does it work?)

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You can use console commands to continue to the next mission.
While in the game, press the NumPad Enter key to bring up the console.
type autowin then press the NumPad Enter key again.
Press the ESC key to exit the console.

Not sure about the HU bayonet. In another mod you had to get within 2-3 meters of an enemy and press the fire button to hurt them.

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According to the read me, you can extract "at any time", maybe you could try extracting after killing everything? Although this would probably not work. Also, just shooting at the vehicle's tires doesn't deactivate them at times. One time I had to shoot all of the tires and the engine of a truck to make it stop functioning. If that also fails, just do what Wombat50 says and type autowin.

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Well, apparently I discovered the limit of what I can record. I can't seem to be able to record Mission 9 (Zebra Straw). The recorder either refuses to record, or the game outright crashes when I try to record. Guess I'll take sometime without recording to fix things up. I'd say that is a good thing. That mission was pretty tough mission in vanilla, so I don't know how harder it would have been in HU.

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