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Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed


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Yeah, big thanks for this mod. Hadn't played Ghost recon since 2007 until recently, and back in those days I had only played the Xbox version(original and Island Thunder) as well as some GR2(xbox, thankfully never tried the Ps2 version) and GR2:Summit Strike. 

I must say, this mod is almost perfect. The weapon models are so beautifully built and skinned, the character skins look really cool for the Ghosts, AI overhaul makes the game much more playable, as does the weapon rebalancing(wish there were some short zoom optics though like 1.5x or 2x). The amount of kit selection is amazing, it always takes me a bit to set up my teams because of the massive selection and it's not a bad thing. It actually makes kit selection pretty fun! The classified missions are pretty fun, I love the challenge of having to be prepared for anything. Adds to the authentic feel of a black operation.  

All in all I'd say that this mod encompasses a lot of what Ghost Recon was all about and what it could have been. Quite unfortunate that the whole franchise strayed away from the tactical shooter genre which they pretty much mastered.

Cheers Apex, this is gonna be one of the only games I play for a while now.

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Actually, I was surprised by the automatic saves.  Apex, I thought it goes against how you feel it should be played.  In any case, I don't know where the setting is but, I made my own checkpoint and screen capture script delete them as they occur.  The clutter is now gone.  Thanks!


          DirCount=ItemCount(GameSavePaths, @TAB)
          For DirIndex = 1 to DirCount
            GameSavePath=ItemExtract(DirIndex, GameSavePaths, @Tab)
            FileDelete("heroes_unleashed_*.sav"); <========================= This takes care of it about every second.
            If SaveFileName<>"" Then
              NewBase1=StrSub(Base, 3, 17)
              NewBase2=StrReplace(NewBase1, ":", "_")
              NewBase3=StrCat(NewBase2, ".sav")
              FileRename(SaveFileName, NewBase3)
            End IF


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I'm back and I've had some more time to sink my teeth into B9. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I plan to write up an in depth review once I wrap up the campaign.

I don't mean to entirely focus on the bad since this is such awesome mod but here are my annoyances: 

1. Like others have said, the campaign saving and loading crashes.  

2. The defaulting of suppressed weapons. now obviously you can change weapons but If i want to jump into the action it's annoying having to change a new kit. The real issue is that suppressed weapons A. make the game too easy and B. the way GR handles sound distance totally ruins immersion. when teammates use suppressed weapons you can't hear them shooting which makes firefights more difficult and confusing than they should be. 

3. I think there are too many kits to chose from. a solution would be grouping kits by nationality/service branch, having them in the extra folder, and installing whichever kits you like. ie have a separate NATO folder, Foreign weapons, Russian weapons, prototype weapons etc  

As always though it's an outstanding mod that never fails to immerse and challenge me

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Well, I like it.  Some really challenging stuff.

* The AI rapid reinforcement by vehicle.

* Ammo is really an issue and you need to go single shot.  In the past, your could only run out of ammo if you second kit was not ammo and were on full auto.

* The AI seems to often seem to run when they would have walked.  The running does not necessarily lead to harder shots, but as a team is on the move it is harder to take down the running team.

* The AI seems just a tad slower on draw.  It is more exciting as you can actually get the drop on them.

* Some missions perhaps the timing needs to be reworked.  Like flaming pillar.  I don't see how to get to the refinery in the allotted time.  You have to sprint, and there are many guns drawing a bead on you along the way.

* Finally, as for the multitude of kits.  I don't really find that as a problem.  I have created some standard squads like:

- Heavy Assault1

- Heavy Assault2

- CQB1

- CQB2

- Assault Quiet

- Assault Suppressed

- Sniper

Thus, I can quickly put together the team I want based on the kit numbers.  It doesn't seem to a problem.  I have yet to try the stun grenades for hostage rescue.  Looking forward to that.  I am also wondering how stun rifles work.  Sounds like another good hostage weapon.  Stun whoever.  If it is not a hostage, take a pistol out and shoot them in the head.

The only issue which I have really had is the save/load crash on the caves map.

PS:  I am mainly playing in mission mode as opposed to campaign mode.  With the absence experience points, this seems the way to go.

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Flaming Pillar was brutal eh!! Have you wrapped it yet MarkShot? That mission took me over a week on and off attempting to complete. 

I took 3 fireteams for that one, can't remember which classes but I do remember taking all med-Heavy weaponry with med-long range optics and lots of grenades (frag, stun and launchers). 

You've gotta bound and suppress like your life depends on it while hopping from cover to cover behind those boulders leading up to the left side entrance on the perimeter of the facility. 

I kept my secondary fireteam at the Boulder closest to the refinery, peeking around the left side for suppression. Tertiary fireteam peeking out from second closest boulder from the right side for additional support.

With a good base of fire from those two hard points I took my primary fireteam to break right along the perimeter wall for cover until they reached the blown out segment on the far right which serves as an entrance to the facility, and the from there I pushed into the northeast corner to neutralize the demo squad. 

It did seem impossible to me for a while because the player has about a 2 minute window of opportunity to engage the demo squad before the whole refinery blows.

It's definitely an exponential increase line difficulty in comparison to the original mission. I think it's because in the HU rendition of the campaign it is mission 17 or 18 as opposed to mission 2.

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There it is 7 mods (ammo legacy) for the weapons groups which I always assign from.

Personally (besides disability), I have jumped into an XXL fire fight using just 2 Ghosts in 2 teams.  I don't see how one could play such a thing in HUb9 with the limited ammo.  (I don't know why they {RSE} don't let you pick up weapons from the dead.  There are certainly enough lying around.  That would be cool.)

The mods were built with 3 tools:

* Opus File Manager (to cull what I wanted)

* WinBatch to drive the file edits

* SED (UNIX stream editor) to zap the files

About 3,000 files were altered.


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hey apexmods,

first of all great job on your mod! i'm a soldier myself and love the things you've done!
BUT as a soldier i know the improtance of communication in battle and that's laking from your mod.
Scenario: the squads Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are moving forward in line, when suddently a soldier (PC) says that he's seen the enemy. I've got no idea as to who saw the enemy an were he saw them. (frustrating!!!) With the original GR you could see a red spot on the command map as where your teammate is seeing the enemy. The spot would fade when your guy doesn't have a visual any more. In real life that's done by speaking, "one á clock, two tango's at 200m" for example. So that a major irritation for me cause without that you can't really play realisticly.

I hope you can do something with this, cause it would make it even more realistic. 

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In the Heroes Unleashed\ shell\ art\ hud folder delete cmi.rsb to have red diamonds on the Command Map. 
Make a backup copy if you feel the need. 

Apex has provided Legacy Mods in the Extras folder of HU but I'm not sure how or which one gives red diamonds on the command map. 

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