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Download Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed (Version 1.0.0 Beta 9)   Spread the word, folks. Long live Ghost Recon!   PS: A huge thanks goes out to Wombat50 for doing weeks of

LOL. Well then, you guys asked for it... taken directly from the Beta 9 ReadMe:  

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7 hours ago, ApexMods said:

Thanks so much, Proximity! Beautiful screenies! Can never get enough of those. :)

Video next? :whistle:


You know, I'm actually making a Ghost Recon Walkthrouogh using your HU. I had to re-do missions 1-6 because I wasn't sure if the savefile would be compatible. The point is I made a video of b9 as part of my walkthrough (Witch Fire) and also made a video for Paper Angel. The only problem is that they are in spanish (both commentary and in game sounds) so I'm not sure if they are of help.

On a side note, I was on Zebra Straw, with a sniper with the HK417 20". When it fired it didn't made any noise at all. And the Ike.log is filled with 20+ of these

SOUND: Cannot Find: w_hk417ss.wav
SOUND: Cannot Find: w_hk417ss.wav
SOUND: Uninitialized: 

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Do you have both the Desert Siege and Island Thunder expansion installed and activated? If so, and you're still getting these messages in Ike.log, that means your installation is corrupted. Those files are part of HU and should not be missing.

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hmm.....May have been the fact that I'm using the "HU - Legacy Zoom" addon

I checked the modsset file and the in-game mod selector, both Desert Siege and Island Thunder are active, I even made a video where the 417 doesn't have a fire sound. I checked the Heroes Unleashed effect folder, and w_hk417_ss.wav is there with a "_" between 417 and ss.

Apparently the error is just on the Legacy Zoom addon

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Yep, don't know why, but sound entries in HK417 gun files of the "HU - Legacy" add-on mods seem to be missing that underscore "_" character. Will have to fix this, but will wait for more feedback (read: more bugs) before putting out a patch. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Note: The Heroes Unleashed mod itself is not affected by this. It's only the Legacy add-ons that show this bug.

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