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Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed


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1 hour ago, Jeza said:


Yes, soon. Hopefully, we'll get to see one of your excellent play through videos with the new release. I still watch e.g. this older one from time to time. Just the cursing and commentary alone makes it worth it every time. :)



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You have no idea how sorry I am that you all had to wait for such a long time, but real life kept throwing me back repeatedly, and just recently again in a very harsh way. Nonetheless, I sure hope the next step to a full 1.0 release won't take years again, although looking back at what life can have in store to throw at you, I better not promise anything.

Anyhow, Beta 9 will arrive in time for the 15th anniversary of my favourite game, so keep an eye on that countdown atop these forums! :)

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