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Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed


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Turns out getting us both on the same version of Heroes didn't help. Whomever is the client always crashes. I tried to get an IKE.log from my buddy but there were none in his GR folder. I had one but I don't want to refer to it as it was when we were on different versions. Will post back when I have a decent IKE.log.

I'm playing this mod alone and it's completely awesome!!!

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If he is on Win7, when he is in the GR main folder, hit compatibility files tab at the top of the window and the ike.log will show then.

Actual address on my Wn7 is :

C:\Users\Don\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon

but the compatibly tab is much easier then navigating that maze.

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How is it going with ApexMods? Is she still working on adding more missions? Also, I have noticed few bugs:

1) some zones won't work when entering (in domination, you still gain points for it but they doesn't turn into a colour)

2) if you're in MP are a russian and uses an american weapon (or the other way around), you will end up with having a NoWeapon kit at startup.

Hope she will see this and try and and fix it.. Thanks..

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Yes, I'm still working on Heroes Unleashed, albeit a lot less than I'd like to, due to time constraints. But since I've been working on this mod for over 10 years now, I guess it's too late to start rushing things now. :)

1) Could you be more specific on the zone issue? Does this happen only in Domination, on all maps, is it map-specific, etc.?

2) Same goes for the other issue - e.g. in which MP restriction does this happen?

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Any two mods that both include new kits are going to conflict with each other. You could make a copy of the Udmurtia mod, remove all of the 'kit' and 'equip' folders, place the modified version in your mods folder, and you would just get the skins.

I've removed both kit and equip folders in Udmutia Spetsnaz mod but the kit boxes can't appear correctly.

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ETA for next version of Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed (v1.0.0b9): Late 2014

Current installed v1.0.0b9 mod size: > 11 GB

Changes & additions: Too many to list here

Happiness with progress so far: Limitless

Ghost Recon forever! :)

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Considering gr takes place in 2008 I think the acu is far more realistic, perhaps it could be in an optional additional file or something.

Personally I would prefer them in multi cam :P

yeah i understand the realism part. though ACUs are ugly and dont blend well imo. not to mention the nostalgia the original camo gives me

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