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Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed


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http://www.heroesunleashed.net/ is now down ...

ApexMods was last active @ 27th September 2009 ...

The last thing we, Ghostleague, heard is that he was very ill and had to go to the hospital...

I don't know.. something isn't right, someone that passionate about GR and his mod, always browsing the forum.. just dissapears..

Is there anyone in contact with Apex?

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I never knew he was very ill, but my emails have gone unanswered. His website going down doesn't tally with an illness unless it coincidentally expired at the same time as his disappearance from here.

I'll get the gr.net sleuths onto this and hopefully it's nothing more than his real life getting very busy again.

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I did a domaincheck the other day.

But i haven't tried contacting him that way, i was hoping someone knew more here :)

Anyway, let's wait and see! If someone manages to talk with him, just tell him Blood Oil is getting closer and closer to releasing :)

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Great news today.

I know that across various threads in these forums and PMs several of you have been asking about Apex as he kind of disappeared off the scene without warning.

Today I got an e-mail from Apex so he is still around! This is great news as I know many of you were as concerned as I was about his disappearance.

There are more important and serious issues in Apex's life right now than gaming though, so he won't be back here anytime soon, but he wanted to let us know he is around, and in typical Apex fashion felt that he "let the GR community down " .

Of course this could not be further from the truth and I am sure you all would join with me in wishing Apex all the very very best!

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Thanks for the nice words, guys. I am very sorry for neglecting GR for so long, but there's a lot of stuff going on IRL that requires my undivided attention.

Nonetheless, I found a little time to work on Heroes Unleashed again, and the next update will be available soon.

Again, my apologies to all the people I let down through my long absence.

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Thanks for the nice words, guys. I am very sorry for neglecting GR for so long, but there's a lot of stuff going on IRL that requires my undivided attention.

Nonetheless, I found a little time to work on Heroes Unleashed again, and the next update will be available soon.

Again, my apologies to all the people I let down through my long absence.

You haven't let anyone down :) IRL issues takes priority, obviously. Just let us know that you're OK if you go offline for longer periods; I was genuinely worried for a while.

PS: Looking forward to the next installment of HU :thumbsup:

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Almost exactly 1 year to the day since the last update, Apex has released another massive update to Heroes Unleashed, bringing it to version 1.0.0.b6.

>>DOWNLOAD HERE<< (Full PC and Mac full version and updated versions available)

Full media release and changelog below. I'm especially intrigued by the stealth scoring system and can't wait to try it out!

"New "Ghost Recon Score" system implemented for all SP/COOP games (displayed at mission completion). It scores survival (wounds, respawns, players left alive), kills (percentage of bad guys down), and stealth, which measures being detected by the enemy. This goes a quite a bit beyond being seen/heard, as it also takes into account whether <CLASSIFIED>. Based on this, I added new separate "Stealth" variants of all SP/COOP game types."



ApexMods Announces New Version of "Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed" Mod


THE WORLD WIDE WEB - May 30, 2010 - ApexMods (www.ApexMods.com) today

announced an update to the popular "Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed" mod

for "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon", the critically acclaimed squad-based

military tactical shooter, which - although dated - still enjoys a

cult-like following due to its realistic oldschool hardcore gameplay.

The updated Heroes Unleashed mod once again contains fine-tuning of

many game features, balancing of various gameplay aspects, and new

game assets e.g. an overhauled UI and over 60 game types for single

and multiplayer available on all 150 maps. The new version also

fixes several bugs and improves performance on low-end hardware.

Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed makes more than 100 maps available for

single and multiplayer and offers over 200 weapons to choose from.

All additions have been carefully integrated and balanced to provide

a homogeneous level of professional audio-visual and technical finish.

The mod aims to intensify the realistic feel and immersive qualities

of the game, making it more challenging and emphasizing the atypical

Ghost Recon game style: Tactical team play rather than the "solo, run

and shoot, wanna-live-forever" style found in many other FPS games.

Heroes Unleashed - over 100 maps, more than 200 weapons, ass-kicking

realism... Maybe it's time to revisit the King of tactical shooters!



The Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed mod is available as a free download

for both Mac and PC from renown Ghost Recon community web sites, e.g.

www.GhostRecon.net and www.DamnR6.com.

About ApexMods


ApexMods is the guerilla fighter of the gaming industry, specializing

in game modifications that passionately aspire to accommodate the rare

and often forgotten breed of the "thinking player" - and to be fun! =)

Media Contact











V1.0.0B6 - RELEASED: 05/30/2010 - CODENAME: HUSH

- Beta Update

- Added map info summary to multiplayer screen

- Added mod version info to credits screen

- Added new game types

- Added new practice mission

- Added new preliminary mod logo intro movie

- Added new score system to SP/Co-Op game types

- Added small/medium/large info to map names

- Adjusted actor properties

- Adjusted AI properties

- Adjusted attachments models

- Adjusted attachments textures

- Adjusted campaign missions

- Adjusted combat model properties

- Adjusted decorations/medals display

- Adjusted default setup in X-TRAS

- Adjusted desktop pictures in X-TRAS

- Adjusted effects textures

- Adjusted equipment textures

- Adjusted game types

- Adjusted game types briefing text

- Adjusted HUD

- Adjusted in-game text

- Adjusted in-mission audio/visual feedback

- Adjusted loading screens

- Adjusted map clipping distances

- Adjusted map fog settings

- Adjusted map insertion and extraction zones

- Adjusted map models

- Adjusted map names

- Adjusted map preview images

- Adjusted map sequence

- Adjusted map sounds

- Adjusted map spotting distances

- Adjusted map textures

- Adjusted map zones

- Adjusted menu screens

- Adjusted mission briefing images

- Adjusted mission briefing text

- Adjusted mission scripts

- Adjusted mod logo

- Adjusted night vision

- Adjusted PDA screens

- Adjusted server setup scripts in X-TRAS

- Adjusted server setup map info

- Adjusted sky models

- Adjusted sky textures

- Adjusted sound effects

- Adjusted threat indicator

- Adjusted training procedures

- Adjusted UI feedback sounds

- Adjusted vehicle models

- Adjusted vehicle sounds

- Adjusted vehicle textures

- Adjusted voice-overs

- Adjusted weapon kit art

- Adjusted weapon models

- Adjusted weapon reticles

- Adjusted weapon sounds

- Adjusted weapon textures

- Adjusted web kit in X-TRAS

- Fixed enemy proximity in SP/Co-Op games on small maps

- Fixed enemy retreat timeout in SP/Co-Op Defend games

- Fixed hostage behavior in SP/Co-Op games

- Fixed hostage IFF info in SP/Co-Op games

- Fixed hostage locations in SP/Co-Op games

- Fixed insertion zones in Free Run games

- Fixed mission briefing box images

- Fixed mission script errors

- Fixed player and hostage extraction in SP/Co-Op games

- Fixed player respawn locations in Co-Op games

- Fixed weapon sound roll-off/detection ranges

- Fixed zone display in game types

- Improved performance on low-end hardware

- Removed obsolete files

- Updated documentation

- Updated X-TRAS

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Thanks a lot for the intro, Rocky!

So, the next update (v1.0.0b6) for Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed is finally ready. There are no new maps and weapons in the latest installment, but loads of fine tuning and balancing, bug fixes, performance improvements, plus new assets like an overhauled UI, new and improved single and multiplayer game types, and a "Ghost Recon Score" system that measures a player's success in survival (players left alive/wounded/respawns), stealth (level of enemy detection), and kills (percentage of bad guys down) for all SP and COOP game types. The score is displayed upon completion of a mission. Based upon the new stealth routines (complex stuff quite beyond a simple player seen/heard detection counter/limit) which took me forever to - hopefully - get just right, I added new "Stealth" variants of all SP and COOP game types that feature an "-> Avoid Detection" objective which is failed and raises an alarm if the player is detected beyond a flexible/scaling threshold. The stealth games are quite difficult to master, but lots of fun once you get used to a full-stealth approach.

I hope you will enjoy Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0b6 !

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