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Fc2 Video Interview With Ubi Devs


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He's mostly just defending it, but there's a little interesting insight too.

It's understandable the man is a bit biased, he worked for 3 and a half years developing this game.

(Keep in mind this is a ubi developer, not a ubi publisher, he's not trying to come at this from the draconian money making angle, take his opinions for what they're actually worth.)

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I for one am sure glad they didn't carry on the same story line as Far Cry with all those stupid monsters! :ph34r: Far Cry 2 is so much more fun and you have all kind of options open for tactical gameplay. This is a lot better than the linear shooters than have came out the last few years. :yes: All in all I think they did a great job on this but of course had they used GR's gameplay with those great looking graphics it would have been that much better. ;)

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