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Teleporting A Group To A Box Above The Ground.


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Guys, I have posted this in the map making forum as I have been able to do this on LoBo's compound map, but not on other maps.

I want to teleport a group in an area to a "box" location above the ground and have them fall to the ground - and die - don't ask why..it's a surprise :) Ok, ok, it's to make a landmine!

I have been able to do this sucessfully in the compound map - even have a video of it, (the person enters the trigger location, is teleported to the destination "box" location in the sky, appears there and falls to his death - at the same time an explosion occurs just like a landmine going off! Sweet!)

Here is the video...


But, on other maps, ie.trencheras, small_town etc. the person re-appears at ground level...even though the target location is up in the sky.

All works perfectly, ie. they teleport fine, but they appear at ground level.

If I place a solid object in the air, (say a crate), just below the box I am teleporting to, the person appears on the the box (ie. in mid. air above ground level).

It seems the game knows to "trace" down from the given teleport destination location until it finds a surface where people can spawn/teleport onto.

One thing to note, is that I've only tested this in the quarry (ie. hole) in compound which is below the surface of the rest of the map.

Are their perhaps planes that are defuined when making a map that define where players/objects can appear?

Anyone have an idea of why this is this happening? Happy to share the example maps if someone can work this out.



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mmm I'm not sure why this object is working only on this map.

Did u test it on the ground plane inside the editor? The flat one.

The only thing is maybe how the root_point is in the map.

Is working on all surfaces of the map? lower levels? or concrete textures or grass?.

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Yeah odd huh...but at the same time really cool!

It's not actually an object. What I did to simulate a mine, was to...

  1. Create a trigger for a small location on the map.
  2. The trigger activates as the player moves over it.
  3. The trigger calls an event to generate the explosion in effect (a mortar explosion composition).
  4. The player is then teleported to a location approximately 3 m in the air above the "mine"
  5. The player then falls to their death.

I must admit I have not tested it at side of the " quarry"/hole area of the map. I have tested it on trencheras (?) and small_town - neither worked.

I will have a go at that now.

Can you please explain what you mean by ground plane...."The flat one"?

Thank you for taking a look at this...also, I'd be very happy to send you the mission wit the mine so you can take a look/play with it?


------------------------------ Annoying how it combines posts! -------------------------------


Yep, ok, just tested at "ground level" (on the path above the quarry) and it does not work...so yes, must have to do with the definition of the root point...interesting.

So, what could we do to confirm this and any thoughts on how I might modify other maps to allow me to exploit this "feature" to place mines and allow people to spawn at a height above the map?


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I don`t think the wall is suitable TBH, but it should work. Must take some time to look through the props, sure there is a tiny bit of test land somewhere. Either way, players only need to touch down for not even a second, anything would do I suppose. That is if this stuff works.

Start of round hide preplaced unit.

<element type=”DisableUnit” name_id=”obs_wall_5m_wall_new”/>

Activate when ready

<element type=”EnableUnit” name_id=”obs_wall_5m_wall_new” />

Teleport actor to location just above unit.

0.5 seconds later

<element type=”DisableUnit” name_id=”obs_wall_5m_wall_new”/>

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I didn't see this before.

Cool idea... but I'm not sure the Ghost should go so high in the air.

I've seen gun shots flip an enemy AI over end some times. Won't the blast do that?

And how lethal is the blast... that is.. what is the radius of the kill zone?

Just a thought... is the distance to the target (up in the air) the same on all the maps? Perhaps you are trying to teleport too far? Probably not. Maybe the Ghost is missing the target? i.e. that target area is too small?

Just some brainstorming ideas... but more like drizzle... :blink:

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