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What A World We Live In.


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I have to carry voice recorders to capture my daily discussions.

I once worked for a Major Mall here in Hawaii, seems like ever time I told people that they could not do something they would report me for harrassment. I ended up carrying a voice recorder as well. I used to love the looks on their faces as they were in my bosses office telling him I should be fired for what ever reason nad I would play the recording of our conversation. It was usually them swearing and yelling at me while threating my job.

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Watching this thread...the following occurred to me...

The originator of this thread shared an incident that happened at work...and one of the chief complaints, in addition to the actual situation, was that his co-worker's associates immediately and automatically took the side of the co-worker...without even knowing all the details...

The originator of the post comes here and shares his side of the story...and it's somehow okay that most of the responses immediately and automatically support him without even knowing all of the details...I suppose because he is a frequent visitor/member here and the co-worker is unknown to us.

The truth is...there are three sides to this story...his...his co-workers...and then the real truth...and dare I say, the co-workers story is probably significantly different than his version of the story.

Some of the responses have suggested violence, while others have suggested legal action...

Amazing...considering we've only heard half the story...

Oh well...just thought I'd throw that out there...for what it's worth... :)

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... ...
Speaking only for myself here, but I was giving the OP the benefit of the doubt and, while assuming that the OP was 100% accurate/factual in the events telling (that he hadn't done/said anything to set off the chain of events) fully aware that his position was the only position to which we were able to respond to.

I didn't touch on it (one side of the story) but considering that this is a close-knit forum you have to expect alittle home-field advantage.


However, due to recent posts (here and elsewhere) I would like to amend my original position and state that Papa6 probably deserved it, and is lucky that she didn't take his lunch money.

Better? :D

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