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Replace Missing Kits?

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Suffering from a CTD here at mission start.

FindFile could not find file sr3_vikhr-frags.kit

Now I know this kit is missing and that it is called in many of the mission scripts. Before I go into each mission and have to go through every single actor looking for this, is there a reason why my method is not working?

My method:

Copied a standard AK_Frags.kit into my mods kit folder and renamed it sr3_vikhr-frags.kit

But it still crashes and states it cannot find it.


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Make sure your "demolitions-01.kit" contains demo charges - this is the one that will be auto-selected if you check the demo requirement in IGOR for the mission. Respectively, "demolitions-02.kit" is selected for AT requirement.

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it seems that you're trying for the Chernaya Noch mod.

this mod is not yet finished, sad to say :(

it was Ato_Architects wish to just have sensors/radios attached to the demo-kits.

the sensor is supposed to act as a radio, calling in air support and such things.

i was aiding Ato with many things in this mod.


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Well I`ve had this mod here for 17 Months now! Not a single contact from the creator in 17 Months too.

Last active July 2007

This is Part 1, and it plays 100% from start to finish in quick mission. Last mission message is "look forward to part 2". Please feel free to let me know of something you know that was an issue before.

Back on topic:

We do have 60 demolition guys in the actor folder, all are directing to the radio guys, who have sensors.

But we do have a whole load of specialists. Do I just add <Hero>c_nigel_tunney.atr</Hero> under mission 01 in the campaign.xml? This would link to Vladimir_Doblenkov" who seems to have Demo.


Looks like I need a "unlocked_missions.xml" and a "unlocked_heroes.xml" ? If so, do they go in the mission folder too?


Yeah, that worked, need a cn_unlocked_hero.xml file in my main directory though.

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i hope you not mean me m8 :D

well, i tried to contact ATO several times and he explained that he got more and more involved

in the security business ( vice president of CIS ).

works with a security company that has missions all over the world.

guess he gets his action there and not GR.

he has not replied my mails for a long time. sad to say though. :(

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  • 2 months later...

Wow, sounds like an awesome job! I would love to be able to say that I am a contractor (and not in construction)... for a living. :thumbsup:

Yeah, that's the PC euphemism that's used these days, but I like it. At my age most regular mil-types are riding a desk somewhere, but I still get to go out in the field. The pay is better, and the benefits package is reasonable for most companies - you just have to be careful about who you work for and how stringent their hiring policies are. Some will hire anyone and there's just no room for Rambo types in this business.


{{completed 5th tour in the sandbox last October, going back at the end of March}}

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