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What Was The First Gr Team You Joined?


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I'll started. I played with network 42 and they just assembled a team named (xlii). first tounrey was an alphasquad tourney and it last some 4 weeks. we took like 4th or something

subsequent team(s)

=Sealz= European team

and bads, british allied dragunov snipers

and a few others

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Ghost Rangers Team 1 a.k.a. [GRT1] founded by Kpl.Eli and others like RuTHlezz1 and Wolf(Midnight Mods), Chain...etc. Kpl.Eli was always ready help folks in the forums around here...made a lot of early contributions to GR modding too...

mig :ph34r:

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Honorary member to several groups, official member to none.

I knew I couldn't commit to the practices and/or tournies so I never joined a group.

I enjoy the friendships from all the groups, though. :yes:

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AFD was first, Assault Force Dragons god I can't believe I put that in. Then started SB Sneekie Baztards for an Alpha Squad tourney. And from that tourney recruited to Alpha Squad and still with them.

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First ever team, to be honest can't remeber but it was short lived, too much friction. But quickly went on with a bunch of commited guys from that first team and set up as LSD (Live-Shoot-Die) and we just about managed 3 years, made some good friends and lost a great one.

Moved on to {B:P:R} and have been stuck there ever since! w00t

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Founded =HRT= (Hostage Rescue Team) with my brother, during 1998 when R6 was first out. This was during high school for me and HRT was mainly comprised of local guys who loved the series. We actually earned permission from our principal to use the brand new LAN at our school to play games after school had ended. Good luck getting them to do that nowadays.

After High School HRT came to an end, but I still go by +Medic+ and my brother still goes by 'JackAss'.

Matter of fact, in 2001 I enlisted in the U.S. Army as a 91W, Combat Medic (Healthcare Specialist). I am out now due to injuries sustained, but how many of you can say you actually followed through in real life to a goal based from playing video games?

In 2003, I joined =FC= (Fort Chaos) which is the sister clan of =SEALZ= shortly after, I joined Ghostrecon.net forums and the rest is history. I did have a short stint with Tactical-Elite, to which I owe a lot of credit to. I learned a ton from those guys. Team Remembrance (=REM=) as well.

As far as Places I remember playing a ton of GR at, Alpha Squad with Cruusher and Robalo. These guys stand out with fond memories. Playing Rattenkrieg over and over, we finally relaized that EVERYONE should take AT, not just one or two, because you never knew who was gonna make it till the end to kill that last tank.

Yeah... those were good times.

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RedToes was my first ever clan for any Game, then moved to ACME clan- I have only ever really played Ghost Recon 1.

I got hooked on it when it first came out - I was just back to the UK from working in the US for 4 years and decided to take a year off work - I amaze myself now, looking back to how many hours I spent glued to my computer playing this most addictive game ever! It was so immersive - I could almost smell the cordite!

They were happy days... had fun with the guys I played with, but then the cheat thing came out and decied to leave the game... I have however been reading the forum and like the look of the BattleField Project Reality Mod - I'm downloading now so may give that a go later!

<- Wow - Was it that long ago! member 99 !

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