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Multiplayer Specific Ideas


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Starting off I'd like to see the option for the host to select their xbox as a dedicated server so that numbers could be pushed to 24 or even higher.

Id like to also see a map editor of sorts. Or at the very least the option to move spawns and objectives for multiplayer and co-op gametypes. Or the option to cut down maps into smaller sections. But a map editor like far cry 2 would be ideal.

Ranked Rooms

The greatest thing about Ghost Recon in my humble opinion was the community spirit. People played in player rooms before GRAW and really got to know each other, if someone cheated they were booted. That must be kept. And if there is a scoring system in ranked rooms that unlocks weapons, camos etc then it must be in player rooms as well, but at 50% or less of the ranked room and only with 8+ players in the room.

On ranked rooms, the weapon settings and map selection must be random and not host controlled. Only the gametype is selected by the host. Team killers can be booted after 2+ team kills per map by the player that got killed. Players can also be booted if passed by 75% of the room. Team Killing destroys COD4 ranked matches.

Party system must be included. Also include ranked Clan matches with scoring. Not only for unlockable but also for rank. This would be very popular. Have a set game of first to win 5 rounds, 2 rounds per map with alternate spawn. If host drops then the other team wins. But it also important to include reputation in this as well. For the simple reason that teams will cheat but if they do people will see their bad rep. Team captains can only submit reputation reviews at the end of the match.

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MP was ruined to some extent by poor weapon mechanics, the sniper rifle was an uber weapon that was used like an assault rifle. If the weapons are not balanced, the same problems will occur. Balance the sniper rifle to reflect aiming, weight, recoil and reload.

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For me personally I consider the following essential in any future games.

1. A decent party system (COD system works really well). Makes it a whole heap easier to find a game.

2. Both team have different uniforms. Yes it would be good to an extent to choose your clothing but everyone will be different and it will be a bit messy I feel. For this reason I would personally leave any customisation to just weapons. I know it sound boring but you need to be able to tell if their friend or foe on how they look.

3. The use of modded controllers to be adressed before launch.

4. FPWV, OTS belongs in specting mode only IMO.

5. No drones or vehicles, ok maybe the odd jet passing overhead or choppers but no player controlled units.

6. The anti spawn camping system improved, it was better in GRAW 2 but still needs work.

Other things which would make the icing on the cake.

1. Dynamic time of day and weather settings. Be good if this was just totally random and not player set.

2. Larger maps with more players. (several games have promised more than the standard 16 players and failed to deliever).

3. Dynamic maps which react to the amount of players in the game. For example take temple from GRAW. The co-op map was huge and yet the MP map was a small part of it. Imagine if for example you had 20 players, this would allow the whole map to be used and if you only had 10 some routes were blocked off to make the map smaller.

4. Random maps, get real boring when everyone wants to play the same old map over and over again. Anyone can play headquarters and get good at it, but fail when they are forced to play something different.

5. Proper clan support with integrated leader board.

6. The ability to hear the other team when in close proximity.

I could go on and on bit to be honest I think Paladin has suggested most of what I would like to see.

The other real failing of GRAW was to keep divding the community with download content, this wont stop but please no more maps for linking your Ubi account, nowhere split the community from day one as some couldnt get it, some didnt want it and others had it, but you couldnt play each other with out turning it off.

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Yep I agree with everything o Ratman o is saying,

I'd like to see lagg cheats somehow dealt with, they seem to be increasing and totally ruin good games.

With regards DLC, More often then not GR fans will purchase the dlc from day one, and thats where problems start. people who are new to GR will do a search and and assume that all the games listed, not knowing there is another bunch of guys to play who have new maps.

Then you have guys with DLC trying to host games and they can't fill a room so they turn off the dlc and then fill the room, then you ask people if they have the new maps and you have to say to them before you can play you need to download 4 map packs weighing nealry 3GB and a Nowhere map they hadnt noticed on boot up, oh and they need a ubi account to get this one.

Everyone wants new refreshing maps but they seem to come at a price (not money or points). a good solution to this would be a wait for it a map editor!

Or after a while the DLC is made Free.

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A map editor would be good for the majority of us I agree, I just dread having to go through 100's of bad maps before finding the peach. If they did they could provide extra items as DLC, now that would be good.

Personally I would love to see a map editor for co-op and other missions, I think a lot of us on GRAW2 had a good time on co-op and would love to see us able to make our own missions or even a random mission generator, that would be interesting.

Imagine loading up a online co-op campaign and not actually knowing what the mission is as such, the possibilites are endless. I will use the crash map as an example as it's fairly large.

It would be good if you loaded up that map and set mission to random, then when you launch and the game starts it gives you your brief. Possible missions on that map could include.

1. Demo something important inside the crashed aircraft.

2. Assasinate a general in the huts on the waters edge.

3. Rescue a prisoner in the town complex.

4. Locate and extract the wounded pilots from the aircraft, clearing a suitable LZ for the chopper.

5. Insert by the water and get to the crashed plane undetected, then hold the area until extraction.

Maybe not the best examples of missions but you can see where I am going with this eh, enemy patrols could be random and range from 4 man patrols to larger troop movements with armour. Again with random secondary missions.

Personally I think this feature would well be worth the extra development time as the game would be fresh everytime you turn it on and play, of course all of these missions could be included in a team based game as well where humans play on the opposite sides of the missions, so where one team has to find and protect the other has to destroy at all costs.

Couple this up with the dynamic time of day and weather and I personally think your on a winner of a game that fans will continue playing for a very long time.

It would also make kit selection important, on desert gulch for example you get 16 would be Rambos all running around with heavy machine guns, but if you didnt actually know what your mission was going to be you would have to have a good selection of all classes in the team, this would allow a player to specialise in a certain area rather than having to be a jack of all trades as it is right now.

Anyway enough from me, just spit balling some ideas...

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Hi my gamertag is SpeedyDGuy and I have been on the number 1 Graw2 team for Gamebattles.com for the last 5 seasons over there and i would like to just say a few things and what my team and what other teams would like on that game. http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/graw2/team/report-tha-loss

1. Have to different types of rooms

1. Have one room where the spawn invurnability is off and you can spawn kill because everybody like to spawn kill in Graw1 and it was a challenge to get out of the spawn when you are locked in.

2. Have another set of rooms where the spawn invurnability is on so you can't spawn kill like it is now in Graw 2 b/c alot of people like that but most people hate it.

3. In ranked rooms have the option where you can vote on a player to be kicked if they team kill or let the host boot players if they team kill more than 3 kills.

4. The clan room on Graw 2 needs to be taken out because nobody on the game uses those rooms at all and they were just a waste of something else that could of been added to the game.

2. The Maps: Need to have more ways to go through like graw 1 had Old town and Treasury they had many different alleys u can go through and many players miss those maps like that, teams don't like crash site where its just a open field so i think have more buidlings on maps and different places to go to and make players work as a team to win a map. Makes Maps where you can change the time of the day and weather conditions like Fog, rain, snow( on Graw 2 we got snow cammo and we only got like 2 or 3 maps with snow). Bring back the popular maps from Graw 1 and maps from Graw 2 and add them for the next Ghost Recon

3. Glitches: On Graw 2 there are alot of corner glitches on every map and i know that its hard to fix glitches but something needs to be done about the next Graw. Everygame will have glitches and we all understand that but Graw 2 has way to many that can be fixed with just some time.


If anybody needs help with Graw 2 or Needs some pointers just let me know and i will be gladly help you out!!

GT: SpeedyDGuy Just send me a message saying you read my post on here!!!!!

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I have to disagree with "everybody like to spawn kill in Graw1 and it was a challenge to get out of the spawn when you are locked in."

Many found it a way to get easy kills, killing players as they spawn requires no skill, Although to take a spawn requires some team cordination and once the spawn is locked down properly there is no chance to escape, unless the other team decide to let you out. Having been on the recieving end I can say its not much fun when you spend the duration of the game getting killed without even moving.

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6. The ability to hear the other team when in close proximity.

You would think all games should do this. In this day and age it really should be a must and a no brianer!

Just to add to the proximity i know they need to at least start adding the feature in first, but i would like to see it go off your voice level on how far the proximity is. So you can whisper to a team mate without them hearing you. Yet for now enemy proximity it is a good thing to add in a game.

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hi i hear a lot of requests for added features and details that some people would like to see. so I'm going to add my two cents. I'm a long time follower of the series (I'm looking at both old GR ad GRIT) and instead of adding features to change the game in to something it is not. i think we should bring back elements of old GR. i think GRIT was the second most played game in xbox live in its prime. i personally played it for 3 years. i still have friends that i play with from that time. we have talked about what you have done with the game sense then. the basics of what i want to see is perfection of the things that made Ghost recon Great and not endless additions to the game trying to turn it into COD4 or halo . with that being said id like to list some of me and my friends major and minor requests. along with some comments on things already posted.

the game was built as a FPS and i think the third person aspect only slows the pace of the game down. (third person peaking corners) its not realistic at all and its not what the game was founded on. i really dont care if i see my gun or not. after playing the game you should know where you character is and not ne a gun graphic to give you a false sense of positioning.

the movement of the game is a little bulky and it kind of feels like im on some sort of grid when im aiming my gun and moving. if this is a product of trying to make it super realistic i don't like it. i want complete control of my character!

the peek is something that can not be lost on the series. there isnt to many games on live that have the testicular fortitude to put that in the game because of all the difficulty i know you have trying to keep it fair and minus glitches. (one thing to add the community in GR is normally very good and even if glitches are found they will not be tolerated in most rooms.

the gun selection is not of particular concern because you aways seem to make it Farly balanced try to keep that intact.

id like to keep the host in control of the room he creates and i DON'T want to see a matchmaking type of game search. one of the best things about this game is the community is most of the players tend to know each other and with matchmaking i think it will all be lost. when you looking for a game and you get throw in a room where you completely outclass you opponent thats no good for you or them. not just that but i think it takes some of the competition out of the game and changes it to a casual game that it is not.

you normally do very well with the maps as well but i would like to see some variety and numbers. if one thing i ask for comes true let it be this, i want one map that is obnoxiously small and has maybe three to four routes like island village (GRIT) or training (old GR) for the specific purpose of 1v1 the single most important thing in GR. this is not a casual shooter its a skill shooter and that is the proving ground. please don't deprive the community of that little detail.

spawns i personally love the open spans with the possibility of spawn killing but i can understand why some may not like it. i dont like to Davide the community invariability and no invariability i would like to see( no spawn invulnerability) i think that most hardcore players prefer this and you should consider the fact that its your main fan base. as COD and HALO control the casual market.

keep team kill on no in game boot systems are necessary because if it does happen it will be taken care of in the lobby

i think that adding close proximity is a mistake as it will only add confusion to the extreme team work that will take place in most rooms.

ranking system no random teams crap like farcry that is extremely annoying i like to play with my friends on my team. map choice should be up to the host. dont try to separate the community by skill you may ad a reference symbol next to the name or something indicating the skill by a ranked or something, if you can use the ELO ratting system so its not a matter of how has played the game longer.

there is absolutely NO ROOM for a Map editor i think it will kill the game if this is attempted in any way. every one will be just as happy (given there is a large amount of quality maps)and the game will be a hundred times more competitive if there is not map editor.

the lag im not sure it can be fixed but i would personally sacrifice some graphics for smooth game play.

i dont care about uniforms or team unification but if you must keep it id like to mess with my char in the lobby of game s to give my fingers something to do while i wait. and just make a different camo color for each span point. maybe differing map to map.

i agree the use of a modded controller is a nuisance but you cant add a fire rate hindrance to the guns it will ruin the feal of the game i think that snipers should be a little more spread than they where in graw 2 but i dont mind the controllers because i dont find them that effective if wee keep the accuracy more important that spraying.

i dont care about the time of day modifier bullets shoot the same way in the dark as the do in the rain . ( pretty close)

no drones or vehicle obviously (dont do the COD4 chopper thing let hem keep that crap)

i have no preference on the clan system as of now

im sorry i took up so much space but id really like to see this game be a very competitive game for a long time just hope they keep in mind that the tittle is a skill shooter not a crappy casual shooter that some people are trying to turn it in to. that arcket is flooded any ways.

GAMEPLAY >graphics


perfection > addition

first person > third person

basically meat n potatoes > bells n whistles

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In my opinion the ghost recon series has always had two sets of fans,you have the fans that feel that they are great because they can close a team of randoms down and spawn kill them for ten minutes, yawn, then you have the fans who enjoy the running,gunning and sneaking round the map moving from cover to cover, but hey each to there own, my first wish is for a map editor different teams,players clans can create maps that suit their play style i.e nice little maps for spawn killing or nice expansive sneaking maps for seige, i would like to see more balance and realism to the guns, would kneel at the feet of any man that could run as fast as the man with his pistol out while carrying a barret m107, stop and then left trigger and bang bang bang, get rid of the left trigger, also i might get flamed for this but i think that something that could be carried over from the cod series is the holding you're breath action for sniper rifles, a lot of poeple might not like this but it would add realism rather than just laying down and bang bang bang

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In my opinion, Ubisoft's mistake was trying to be all things to all people. With [GR]/GRIT, they created a genre. They were the first of the FPS games. What made them different than other shooters was the realism. Wolfenstein and Halo were fast paced, where [GR]/GRIT catered to the team concept with strategy, team work and patience beat out the fasted gun every time.

However, with the release of Socom and its huge popularity, Ubisoft took the Ghost Recon series away from its roots in an attempt to lure some of the Socom crowd to its game. Additional adjustments were made with the release of Rainbow 6 and it's popularity. Each time, the GR series moved away from its roots and tried to be all things to all people. In my humble opinion, you have two types of GR players.

First, Siege players. True siege players utilize stealth, team work, strategy, no respawns and realism to achieve a goal. Here are some things Siege players like:

Large maps with lots of cover

First person only view

No launched explosive weapons

Motion Sensors ([GR]/GRIT)

Sniper weapons which require time between shots

You have to watch the base. No timer when someone goes in so you can claymore from a far.

Bushes/cover you can shoot from, but that you have to expose yourself to take the shot.

Some additional suggestions

Trip/proximity mines

Camo that changes automatically with map and type of soldier (bring back the ghillie suit)

Infrared/Night Vision which is realistic in terms of distance and quality of view

More interaction with buildings. Shoot from windows and roofs.

More interaction with cover. Allow key cover spots to be shot at and eliminated after a certain amount of damage.

Give snipers more to do, but make it more difficult to make the shot. (ie hold your breath to steady the aim)

Make shooting machine guns more difficult. The reticule should be hard to hold steady when open firing.

Make it nearly impossible to hit anything while running and gunning.

Reduce the amount of ammo to force conservation

The second type are your sharp shooter players. They like to use reflexes and mass destruction to achieve their goal of the most kills. Although this type of game is fun, it is not meant to be a simulator. It is meant to be an arcade game where running out to your death over and over again while blowing as much up as possible is the attraction. Here are things these type of players like.

Smaller maps so you can find your opponents quicker and possibly spawn kill

Over the shoulder view so you can see more

Full launchers for maximum destruction

Sensors take too much time, but might be useful if the person lives long enough

Sniper weapons are hinderance if truly a sniper gun and not a semi automatic 50 cal like GRAW2

Some Suggestions:

Bouncing Betties

Tanks and other small vehicles

Being able to pick up weapons on the ground

Key explosive placements would bring down a building

Then you have the Last Man Standing player. Typically a hybrid of the two with no respawns, but can be played either as a run and gun style or more strategic. I'd give this style all the options above. Force the other two styles to play within their intended setups, but offer this style as a means to bridge or compromise with everyone else.

The GRAW2 lobby system was nearly perfect. My only suggestion is to add Party options so you can move from room to room with your buddies.

I would rather time and energy be spent on minimizing lag issues than either map editors or additional players. In my opinion, for all three styles above, 8 vs. 8 should be the max.

At the end of the day, my perfect game is GRIT playing style and GRAW2 graphics and lobby. Although I think some of the options above would make that even better. I believe it is important to realize the different styles and reduce the number of options down to maximize the game experience for those that play it. I hate to play siege with run and gunners just as they hate to see my camp in a sharp shooter room. Accept that its ok. We're just different players. By doing the above, I get my way and they get theirs with an option in the middle.

After being a Moderator on TC, an admin on EC and an advisor on DC, I've finally opened my own site. Feel free to stop by and check it out.


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my list, much like everyone else goes on forever...but a couple of major things for myself...

-dont have a kill indicator, i dont need the game telling me when i kill someone..for me and the other players to personally verify that the enemy/player is dead...it just adds to the tension.

-all shooting games are built on the idea of putting lead into the enemy, ghost recon is special to me because it gives you tools (the squad, the ROE, stance, etc) to accomplish the mission however you like....but now its time to take it a little further.............in graw mp you have all these characters carrying different types of gear with all this equipment thats there just for dressing...if the character im using has a certain kind of visor or attachment in his headgear then i want it represented by what im looking at through the first person view (metroid prime did this well with its condensation on the visor and water splashing in the players view etc) just another small way to tie the player to his environment.......if a player chooses a vest with a certain layout of pouches then that should affect what his combat load is for the round......didnt pick a headset to communicate with teammates? then youre going to have to use proximity chat......didnt have someone pick the radio? well you cant communicate with guys who are way across on the other side of the (hopefully) very large maps.....i get carried away but hopefully the general idea got across

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I aggree with pretty much everyone has said. I personally wish their was some kind of leveling up system that involved weapon unlocks. I know GRAW 2 had ranks but it would be nice if as you progressed as a player you got gradually better equipment. Also, it would be so awesome if their was some kind of weapon customization. Being able to put on different kind of scopes. Being able to put on silencers. I know GRAW has tried to do it with having a ton of weapons and different classes, but it doesn't give that customization feel that the new Call of Duty games give. Also, when you're zoomed in with a sniper, and you gun doesn't recoil it's kind of annoying. I wish your view actually moved as opposed to the boundaries of your fire expanding. It gives it kind of an unreal robot sniper kind of feel to sniping. Thanks!

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Alright, here we go: most of what I read above me by earlier readers was non-sense with a few good ideas. 1st- Stop crying about spwn camping, the maps are only so big, if your team communicates you will always have more success ,If you just run out there youll get slapped or have to adapt-

2nd- SPEEDYDguyor xLDKx Rambo, is a longtime player, and had more success with clans than any other team leader i know of (and 1 of the best to ever play) so respect what he sais-. NEXT, Use the player match system !!! and play with people at your level, ther is no "AIM-ASSIST" thier is no " RADAR" and there isnt a helicopter to call in, so learn to play the maps....this is CYBER COMBAT at the highest level you can get right now, you all get mad becuz you spend an hour a day playing, and wonder why you cant kill the dude who spends 5 hours a day playing, dont expect ot jump in and wreck people , it takes time. So most of what i heard sounded like scrub talk....I hate it when the game dev. tries to help the poorer players compensate.

And NO 1st PErson !! OTS (over the shoulder) gives you a sense of peripherial vision, If any of you played GRAW 2 currently, you may recognize my tag x81N42Y 6HO57x, I know what im talking about, heres what i think are the areas that need to be fixd:

1. LAG- although most times the lag is minimal in ur standard ranked or player match, as soon as you play a clan match players and teams put on the intentional lag. this is achieved several ways, most commen i think is -up loading- while you play to create the lag . It all needs to stop, bad connection = better score

2.RANKED- With GRAW 2's most recent attempt to reconsile ignorant gamers who get booted right away, the ones who try to LEARN ghost recon right away while playing ranked, at the expense of competent players. They institued a system where you cant boot someone until they have played a full game. Not a Big deal right..? WRONG,that left us with SEVERAL GRAW 2 TERRORISTS, WHO TEAM KILL IN THE ROOMS DAILY- This needs to be adressed

3. Cars and trucks should not explode, they wouldnt do it in real life..maybe to catch fire would be a better option.

4.M107, MRC, and other super weapons should reflect actual use, im tired of people using a sniper rifle as a shotgun.

5. Those who use the big A guns like the SAW, should be considerablly slower carrying all that weight, and if caught running they should be slower drawing up thyre weapon.

Heres some things I would like to added:

1. Player reputations within the GR community, with accompanying stats (eg. kills deaths, accuracy, friendly fire incedents ect)

2. Along with random weather, for urban areas in particular, random barrels crates and vehical placement because these things are always changing.. (eg.no-ones taken out the garbage on B base @ heaquarters for 2+ years!!!)

3.A better overall sytem for stats, all of them, GTA style, comprised with a clan stat tracker and ladder built within or linked directly to gamebattles.

4. More destructable maps, i would like to see objects and cover have better variable resistance depending obviously on the material its made from, and the weapon shooting at it.

5. Night and day on any map, random weather patterns, if its a snow map i want to see tracks.

Im sure theyre is more i cant think of now..

c U On the pagoda

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I think most of us fill the new game should be more like the the pre graw games but with little things to make it better here is my ideas.


Snipers- The sniping needs to be made alot harder im not a big fan of Cod but the sniping on that game is good i think it would work really well on the new GR but with litlle changes like more recoil and having alot less accuracy when standing this will force players to use side arms at close range and not use the sniper like a shotgun

Rifles- The rifles and side arms need recoil i like the way it was done on Rainbow makes the game alot harder and give better gameplay

Custamizing All guns should be able to have lots of different scopes grips and silencers witch can help with recoil and range i did like the unlockables in Cod but dont think it would work as well in GR maybe just having them unlocked from start and having camo for the guns being unlocked for kills


Size -The size of the maps have been getting smaller and with to many chokeholds its needs to go back to the the older games witch had a nice mix of large and mid range maps that seemed be be alot more open and did not have quick snipes.

Terrains -I would like to see a mix of all snow,jungle,desert ext not just ones that wer in the single player

SeigeBase -I love seige thats all i played on the GR games but sticking the base in the corner of the map aint always the best place for it i think alot more thought needs to go into where is placed on the maps and needs to have more then 2-3 ways into it


Seige- I can only really give ideas for this mode cos thats all i play and there not much to add apart from giving us back the 3 attacking spawns like we had in older games and its perfect


Custom- I think all games should come with being able to change the botton layout and sensitivity this is a must for the new game

Zoom- The new games needs to get rid of this left trigger quick zoom that made the game so easy it needs to go back to slow walking

Thats pritty much all of my ideas sorry if it went on abit i think this game will be amazing if they just dont try and do to much just look at the old games and remember what ghostrecon is and dont try and compete with cod

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Hi all, some good ideas on here i thin (why i just joined!) and some god awful ideas.. holy smokes i dont know what is wrong with some of you people. First of all to put my GR experience in perspective I started my xbox life on the very first Ghost Recon and I played that every night on xbox live since the launch of online play! I also played a ton of GRIT when it came on the scene. I must say that I for one totally support anyone who advocates for bring GR back to its roots. The gameplay back then was simply supperior in nearly every way.

A few Specific things:


If there is to be a ranking system it shouldn't seperate who plays who, let natural selection run its course. Besides you will only get better by playing your superiors and learning from them.

Also something to take into account is how ranking can be broken down by class al la GRIT! This is a genious feature... basically don't rank one type of player against a completely different one ex how can you rank a sniper against another guy who uses a machine gun all the time?

Ex: Player A is ranked 245th in sniper class, 3000th in demolition class, 2000th in rifleman class etc.


now i Can understand how spawn killing is annoying but hell I have yet to see a system that prevents spawn killing that isn t equally annoying. COD is a perfect example.. i mean how dumb is it to have the guy you just killed spawn 10 feet away from you. So suffice to say random spawning sucks... plus it wrecks the flow of the game in various ways.


FPS ftw!! seriously if you think OTS is more realistic than your in another universe bud, there is no ###### way you can compare this to reality. And to the guy that said its like periphials than you have very unique eyesight good sir!

Recticle vs presence of gun graphic:

I dont care to much either way...

honestly though the presence of a gun graphic is more realistic (which prolly actually prefer).


Balance is sooooo key.

emphasis on small imediate action maps is as big of fail as over use of big maps.

and for gods sakes please can we get back to forests and jungles etc, once youve seen an alley in the third world youve seen them all!

also whoever said the thing about car blowing up.. i agree not goona happen usually (fuel tankers omitted)


Dumb, Dumb, dumb... go play halo

but seriously... the biggest thing i have noticed in new games is lack of community. When your are in matchmaking you dont need to develop friends.

I played with the same guys night in night out on GR and GRIT and never had more fun! plus you dont have to worry about glitching cause you just need to identify the glitcher and kick the sucker out!

plus If everyone in the room wants to play Embassy (GR) 23 times in a row than hell, let em.

Im sure ill think of other thing but thats all for now.


.... lol

no more names above heads or any of that dumb crap, i cannot express hpw annoying it is to be found and killed because some loser saw my gamer tag spelled out in red letters in the middle of a jungle and decided to come on over. :wall:

screw that ...

Uniforms should be the only way to differentiate teams


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GR4 Multiplayer Improvments

Hey my GT is oIIFrenchyIIo and I have been playing both GRAW and GRAW 2 online since they released and play very often both socially and competativly. I have played on Gamebattles for a number of years now in some of the top clans and would like to discuss the few things I think Ubisoft need to do to make GR 4 a successful multiplayer game. Its about time I said a word on the forums.

The first point I would like to make is that in my opinion Graw 1 and 2 multiplayer have a very tight community and players which have been playing for years which still keep the Graw online community alive. When I play online I still often play with other players that I had played with a few years ago. Quite a big part of the Graw community lies in Gamebattles.com and players wanting to be able to play competativly against other players such as clan vs clan matches. This is what I think keeps the Graw community active on Xbox 360. It is sad to see the last clan system that Ubisoft tried to integrate into Graw 2 does not get used and players have to visit websites such a Gamebattles to organise matches. I think the first thing Ubisoft needs to do for the Xbox 360 multiplayer is give the long time Graw multiplayer fans a solid clan system that can be used opposed to the third party websites such as Gamebattles. If this is done correctly then I think we will see alot more groups (clans) emerge and will also make Graw more social. It would also be good to see party support added so that friends can team up and move from lobby to lobby with ease.

The second point I would like to make is to do with the maps. I think Ubisoft needs to let the player interact with the enviroment in the game a bit more such as being able to traverse buildings or climb onto roofs for players that look for extra positions as Graw is a tactical game and your position can often give you a huge advantage. In Graw 2 players can sometimes climb up onto a small edge or very seldom climb onto a roof. It would be good to see some new mechanics added to the game to let the player climb certain buildings or obstacles.

The third point I would like to make is to keep the player count in games a maximum of 16 players like in Graw 1 and 2. This is simply because if Ubisoft was to add any more player slots in a match then I could see Graw becoming less tactical and more like your standard battlefield shooter. Graw needs to remain true to the last titles.

The fourth point that i'm going to make is to balance the power of all of the weapons in multiplayer. For too long there have been overpowered guns that are used all to often by most of the players that play regularly such as the MRC, FAMAS and M468. The sniper rifles such as the M107 are wayyyyyyyyy to unbalanced as there is no recoil when the player fires and no time to reload the next bullet into the chamber. This means the player can "pre fire" the corners of buildings as it's a one shot kill. I think Grenade launchers should be removed from the game altogether because they are way to overpowered. Hand grenades need to be kept along with stun grenades. I think Ubisoft also needs to add stun or flash grenades as an addition to the smoke grenades which are needed to block visibility or create diversion. These weapons promote a more tactical gameplay where players have to think about how they are going to outsmart or flank the opposing team.

The fifth point I will make is CUSTOMIZE CUSTOMIZE CUSTOMIZE. Ubisoft give us some customization!!!!!!!!! I would love to see players rewarded for gaining certain achievements and being given special gear so they can be unique and different from other players. This means changing colour of camo using colour values, changing each individual piece of armour, changing your characters appearance and adding special camo or gillies for snipers. I know Ubisoft is working on the whole achievement and unlock thing wih their latest U Play thing which is still in beta form and will be seen in AC 2 and SC Conviction. This allows players to get U Play specific achievements and use the points they gain to unlock rewards such as custom content for Ubisoft titles.

Other points I would like to make:

-Map Editor or Spawn Locator

-Different Spawning system which would not reward campers

-Lots of DLC (Love it)

-Solid Co-Op Missions

-2 player online (BOTH SCREENS THIRD PERSON :) )

-Customizable Player Tag and Clan Tag

-Improved UI in menus and Graphics in game

-Cinema Mode (Recorded Matches)

-Option to veto player (boot)

-Weapon Attachements

-No vehicles or transport

In reply to LDK Rambo (SpeedyDGuy) whom ive played with. I think you are correct about the spawn invunrability option which i believe should be controlled by the host of the match as this can be customized for whichever style of gameplay you want, either a campy match where the vet players clearly will dominate and lock down spawns or a balanced match where players are given the chance to move from their spawn so they are not constrained by better players. Ive seen this happen way to much as newer players to Graw have no chance with long time players. I think you are incorrect saying that they should remove the clan system because i believe if they improve the clan matchmaking system, UI and customization then it could become very succesful for most clans and Gamebattles could intergrate the system somehow into the ladders. I think if this is done well then we could also see alot of new clans emerging aswell as the vet clans who have been playing for the last few years. I know this is a problem because I have seen the decrease in activity in Graw ladders on Gamebattles in the last year that's why alot of players have stopped playing until the new GR hits shelves.

I know Ubisoft is going to make a kick ass game so please make me happy. Ill be in there the day of release. Thanks Ubisoft!!!!!!!!

Please tell me what you think about the points I have made above because I would like to hear what other players are looking for in GR4 :)

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oIIFrenchyIIo ive read your post and here is 2 things ive picked up on

1- The clan surport idea its a nice and your right the gb community on ghostrecon is really good. But i dont think putting it on the game is the way to go they have tryed it before and it never got used. I fill Ubi should make a site where stats from all Tom Clancy games can be seen abit like the Bungie.net is for halo and could even have ladders and tournament with little prizes.

3-You got this spot on its very inportant they keep the number down, so many games put as many players as they can but less is more in this aspect as the more you put in the less teamwork and communication seems to get used.

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Lots of different opinions here. I like some of them a lot.

I also would like larger maps in the Jungle/Marshes back in the game.

Lots of stealth elements like movement noises/environment(leaves brushing against you twigs breaking under your feet). The slower you move the less noise you make. No names/icons on the screen to indicate an enemys location. Preferably none on the Teammates either.

Clan support I think is worth doing if u can do it right.

One Idea I had would be to have Player Clans and Custom/ranked Clans both in the game. Custom Clans would act just as clans currently work so I wont explain that. Then you would also have Player Clans that anyone can join. So for example you have Clan 34 and the requirement for this clan is Skill/stat level X and clan matches would take place at Thursday8pm GMT, if one person did not turn up for a clan match it would automaticly uprank someone from Clan 35 to play in clan 34 for that match. At any time any of the members in Clan 34 could agree to align together in a custom Clan with, pick a name etc and gain the ability to earn a place on the clan leaderboards. If no Custom clan was available to play against Clan 34 they would go up against another skill generated Player Clan such as Clan 33.

This way it would be very accessible to start a clan, get experience with equal skilled players, and for Clans already established they would have many more available tournaments in the game. The advantage in the game for playing tournaments would be winning tournaments advances your rep in the game faster than ranked matches and leader boards etc for it as well. Then you can also have Clan based Achievements.

Combine that with a decent tactical shooter with second to none gameplay, and not many Gadgetry other than radio. I also do not think there should be a Cover system for mp.

That’s all I will say for now.

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