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Server Posting ? For Ping

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Those ports are for GRAW, not quite the same for GRAW2. Try these, from the readme file:

You may experience difficulty connecting to Gamespy if a firewall or anti-virus blocks the following ports:

Local Ports

UDP 13139

UDP 16250

Remote Ports

UDP 16250

TCP 80

TCP 443

TCP 6667

UDP 13139

UDP 27900

UDP 27901

TCP 28910

TCP 29900

TCP 29901

UDP 29910

TCP 29920

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As I said in my other post, ping does not use a port.

Opening ports will do nothing for ping. It will in all liklihood be a router/firewall issue specific to the ping packet. However without access to the physical device, I am unable to assist further.

Suggest you call the help desk for your ISP. They should be able to test this for you (ie. ping you and help with config. of devices).


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