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Dog Lovers, This Is Gonna Break Your Heart.

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Interestingly enough I just finished fostering a dog that was skin and bones. When I got her about 2 months ago, she had just weaned her puppies off of her. She was so skinny that you could see her hip bones, back bone, and each rib. I started her on a diet of puppy food, three times a day to get as much protein in her without having large meals which is bad for the digestive system. Her collar was on the smallest notch and still too large for her. During the two months I had to let that collar out three notches.

Just yesterday she went to her new home.

Oh, did I mention she was just a pit bull "pup" of maybe a year old? Sweet as can be but really needed training.

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Dogs are much smarter than most people understand and also have emotions they most times are happy and only want to be a part of the pack be it other dogs or the human family they get colds and allergies have sad times and glad times.

The Hero dog in the Video acted out of compassion or even it's drive to protect its pack but no doubt used logic and our dumb acting pets at home can have this drive it just never shows much but they can use logical reasoning.

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