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Map Updates For Dedicated Servers


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hi again,

i did a couple of small script updates for the following maps:

BulldogOGR - made by Ratte and Biber. permission was granted!

DesertCastle - made by Ratte and Biber. permission was granted!

Wuestenfuchs - that map is a reworked version from my desert base phase 1

made by Ratte and Biber. permission was granted!

i did this becouse those maps were useing script commands that will crash on a dedicated server.

if you are playing on a lacal hosted server stay with the original!!!

just the groups that run a dedicated server may wanna try these out.

i think they are really great maps, exspecialy the DesertCastle.

i renamed them of course, that the originals stay untouched!

you can find em here


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