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New Ogr Map: Surrounded


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hi there,

i just finished the next map out of the mass murder campain :devil:

so here comes Surrounded feat. 2352 possible kills and 16473 script lines

i reworked the mission 4 - strongpoint landscape.

just changed some buildings and probs on it.

but its a different type of mission you gonna play here.

you will be spawning in 6 diferent locations on the map,

and are there to defend not to attack!

while you are defending the canyon, you will need to escort general martin

from the mapcenter to a helipad, so he can extract from the attack.

the general can respawn 50 times, so you should have enough trys to make it.

when the last general gets shot the map will end.

you can consider that as mission faild!

when you escort the general to that helipad, he will be flying out with a blackhawk.

then a blackhawk will come in and land on the helipad to pick up the ghosts.

ALL players need to be arround that blackhawk that the map will end.

the hawk will stay ~1,5mins on the helipad then leaves and comes back in ~2 mins.

that will happen 20 times.

the map will end when all players are arround the hawk on the helipad.

thats mission accomplished.

if you miss the last blackhawk the mission will end as well, but as mission failed.

the map will increase the difficulty with every player! once its increased it wont lower!

have fun with it, bug reports and comments are very welcome.

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