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Open discussion for Team v Team gamers!

What features do adversarial players need to enjoy team v team games and organise tournaments? Post your ideas here, but please remember that anti-cheat is such a big issue, it has it's own discussion here.

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Ok, here's my wish list:

1. Environments. Give us different environments....snow, rain, fog, etc., and of course mix these with the different times of the day. Perhaps giving the ability to the server to determine the map - the time of day - AND the environment.

2. Maps. A good mix of urban and wilderness would be nice.

3. Binoculars.

4. Bring back the GIMP! If injured beyond a minor flesh wound, have it at least affect movement rate and firing accuracy.

5. The original GR gave 6 frags, claymores, and even 12 GL rounds.......give these to us again & include smoke......but, by all means, don't just give us "one" of an item, that's ridiculous.

6. When an enemy is spotted by a teammate, have them show up as a blip on the map for a period of time.

7. No diamond markers for friendly teammates, no "tagging", no sensors; or at least give those as a server option.


9. Weapon-Loadout/Uniform/Face customization.

10. Squads. Like the original GR, have seperate squads within the team and designate them on the map. If possible, give the ability to designate any/all squads with a password so clans/friends can play on a squad while letting the other squads be fillable by anyone else.

11. DON'T RANDOMIZE TEAMS between maps. Let the teams stay as they are.

12. A longer Draw Distance than GRAW2 had would be nice.

13. Definitely, an "after action" lobby so that peeps can communicate with each other, give gratz, or talk smack. That was always the pleasant part of waiting to get back into the game....


15. Auto Map Download.

And, if Red Storm is the one working on this (I assume they are/would), then a revisit of all of the old original GR maps would be a huge boost!

AND most of all, Support! Patches, patches, and more patches until all is fixed and well.

If I think of more, I'll be sure to chime in again.

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Just other few things...

A serious Anticheat, a lot of maps, and the impossibility to disable or reduce the enviromental and ambiental effects (we don't need them if in game we disable them..;) ). :nono:

Therefore, an EASYmap editor and a well known and not excessively heavy graphical engine... :whistle:

That's all



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Everything Vhlad said AND..........

the [GR] is still the best game out there. I feel that a lot of new players don't like it for the graphics, but the gameplay is still the best. Anything that can be done to mimic the original gameplay would be fantascic. oh- and bigger maps. Not big like FarCry 2 but Much Much bigger that GRAW 2

Also- a huge +1 for after action chat and such- just copy and paste it from the first Ghost Recon. We all got to know each other for better and for worse.

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Hmm... "Adversarial Players", eh? Well, I touched the principal need for multiplayer features in this post on Co-Op, but I will try to articulate some specific thoughts on the team-vs-team thing.

One of the major nuisances in adversarial multiplayer games is what I call "unwarranted advantages" and by this I don't necessarily mean cheating. Many games offer "backdoors" to achieve certain objectives - ranging from (natural) particularities in environment (e.g. advantageous map locations) to downright "glitches" where realism is completely absent. While it is valid to reach a strategical advantage through natural experience with a map for example, it is unfair if that advantage can be gained through knowledge of a "glitch" - an unexpected peculiarity that does not follow realistic rules.

To stick with this example: If a map features a location that offers natural superior strategic value, this can be recognized by any player approaching the game with a basic knowledge of strategy and common sense, even if it is the very first time the map is encountered. But if the advantage lies not within the boundaries of realism (e.g. a bush that cannot be shot through etc.), it is impossible to grasp with logic, and the only way to gain this knowledge is by chance (through countless repetitions) or being "initiated" by others players aware of the glitch.

Now, "glitching" is considered cheating by most players, and rightly so, but the knowledge-through-repetition factor bears different undesirable fruits, too. With the absence of randomization in several key aspects of multiplayer games (e.g. team bases / spawn zones are usually at the same locations), another aspect of tactical gaming is left behind: To localize your enemy becomes a matter of playing again and again until you simply know from experience where you can expect your opponent to be.

Randomness is key to replayability and tactical gaming. Whenever unreflected repetition can outweigh tactical knowledge paired with common sense, truly interesting gameplay is left behind and the whole affair becomes a matter of who repeated the same thing more often more quickly. The game moves from strategy to action and mechanical reflexes rule over strategic minds. This can undoubtedly provide some fun gameplay too, but it is far from the goals a tacical shooter should set for itself.

In respect to this thread's subject, adversarial multiplayer games suffer from above mentioned issues in an important way. As the importance of repetition increases, approachability for newcomers to the game decreases substantially, because the advantages gained by seasoned players are hard, if not impossible, to overcome by new - lesser experienced - players, even if they entered the game with otherwise superior strategic knowledge. The potential for frustration caused by this aspect should not be underestimated - e.g. there are real-life special forces soldiers and other people with tactical backgrounds disappointed by tactical shooter multiplayer games due to not being able to apply realistic strategic expertise.

Admittedly, randomization of team-vs-team multiplayer game elements can take place in only a very limited scope due to the usual lack of enemy AI, so it becomes even more important to design the few random elements available as effective as possible and avoid the mentioned "insider knowledge" aspects (e.g. glitches) at all cost. And maybe one should consider whether third-party AI factions could play a role in team-vs-team matches after all, even if to just emphasize randomness and add a nice unexpected surprise here and there.

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My few major desires for MP:

First and foremost: related to the earlier comments about the gimp, I'd like to see the return of a tactile and substantial bullet impact effect; arguments about realism aside, it gave value to careful firing over high volume firing. Hopefully this might cut down on the number of simu-kills, although some of that is probably net issues. Also, it would theoretically remove the irritating phenomenon of a sniper killing you with a single shot while you're pumping them full of AR rounds. I wouldn't mind more damage/round, to bring things back to the one-shot, one-kill feel of GR1, but I'd settle for the above.

More of a movement penalty for sniping + more of a static bonus for sniping and support weapons; whether this is a bipod function, I don't know or really care. But I'd like to see the sniper rifles require a little more effort to use and the support weapons have a little more presence in MP.

A robust voice comm system in the game; 3rd party comms are great, but having an easily-accessible voice comm system might really engender more teamwork. I think of TF2 and L4D as examples, although they are admittedly different kinds of games. Also, a mute player function.

Regardless, I'm excited. Time to start planning my next upgrade.

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