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It's really an issue with no perfect solution. At least not until we all get a NASA supercomputer just to run the AI.

That's not really true, it's just a corner that gets cut in tactical shooters unsettlingly often.

I'm not sure how much you keep up on modern shooters (i'm one of the few here who enjoys action games as much as tactical shooters), but hell, even Halo had friendly AI that could advance competently. FEAR, Call of Duty (aside from its scripted stuff, most of the cover to cover combat AI was dynamic), Half life, Resistance, GRAW on the consoles, RB6v, Brothers in arms, Gears of War, GTA4 -- MOST games are getting the AI fighting around cover thing right, whether their style is cinematic gun battles or realistic infantry tactics. Graw PC was an embarrassment, especially considering how small and (conceptually) simple their environemtns were. At least Armed Assault has an excuse, the way their engine looks at terrain is bizarre and it's hard to put specific cover logic into it.

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As I have stated before, I have gone on the assumption that GR4 will be much like GRAW1 and GRAW2. How much of the GRAW series will be carried over into the next game.....no one knows. Personally, I would be happy to see a continuance of the GRAW series.

I have written in detail about what I have experienced playing GRAW1 and 2 so the game creators would have no question about what I was seeing or thinking. My hope is that this will help the game creators fine-tune the next game. Some of my wishes have been me being just plain greedy. Some wishes I thought were logical. And some wishes would make the game play better for everyone.


Give me a game where the ghosts go where I want them to go, look where I want them to look, and do what I want them to do without having to stop, go back, and reposition the ghosts. And have them carry out the order either by giving the order through the crosscom or the tatical map.

Keep it real. Make the people, vehicles, and weapons behave the way they do in real life. And if you establish that a person, vehicle, or weapon can do something in one mission, don't change that in a later mission.

Give me true non-linear game play. I understand that the games battlefield must have borders. But don't limit where I can go or when I can go there within those borders. If the game creators want to force a firefight at some point on the map, then they should place defenses all around that point and let US decide from which direction to attack from. This also makes for extended game play in that in one mission we can attack from this direction. And next time, we can experiment and try it from that direction.

And for me, it helps to have a game that follows the direction that the real world military is taking in weapons tactics and strategies. On the other hand, high tech is good, even great, (me personally) but not required for a good game.


I have played games like Delt Force Black Hawk Down. It had some good moments but it was childish and laughable. [GR] put a lump in the pit of my stomach. That feeling of......I'm gonna f###ing die out here. And from what I have red in other posts on this website, that's what everyone is clamoring for. Bring back the burn.


For me the most satisfying thing I can do in the game is to survive a mission the first time through when everything about it is a compleat unknown. I have seen games that seemed like they were designed to make you fail. This ment that you had to die your way through each mission until you memorized what to do when. Go ahead and make the game challenging, even difficult but leave just enough room so that if I do it all really right, I can make it out alive.

That's all I can think of for now.

Hay Rocky. When you compile everybodys wishes into one big list and turn it in to UBI, it would be fun to see you post what the top 10 wishes are.

One more thing. Please see my post on the computers-Nvidia graphics card board as I have some questions about my graphics card.

keep up the fire.


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Please give us "easter eggs", hidden extras, added content, a nice (and believable) story, included desktop backgrounds/wallpapers, concept art, comprehensive documentation, user-friendly and elegant UI design etc. etc. etc. - all the things that show us (the customers) that you (the developer) really care about this game and the people who buy and play it. Of course, a good game execution is the most important factor, but it is also the little things that can separate a good game from a great game, and one that we like from one that we love.

And pretty please with sugar on top - don't punish your paying customers with yet another ridiculous DRM scheme! If you create a nice game we will all be willing to pay for it - gladly! Please show some trust in the remaining morals of humanity and don't treat all people as potential thieves! There will always be a part of human society that feels no moral obligation to pay for anything, and DRM simply cannot change that. What it DOES change is the willingness of honest customers to put up with the hassles that go along with game purchases nowadays.

When I buy a game I don't want to enter a million digits "CD-key" to install it, I don't want to "activate" it online with servers that can go down or disappear in the future, I don't want it to ask for a CD every time I want to play, I don't want it scan my computer every time it starts and ask me to "re-activate" after I installed a new hard drive, and I want to be able to play when I am not connected to the internet. I have purchased EVERY game I play and EVERY other software I use, but I just about had enough of the ###### I have to put up with when it comes to so-called "anti-piracy" measures. I am at the tipping point of my patience, so don't be surprised to find me cracking DRM schemes and pirating whatever I can get my hands on if this abomination continues!

Just have a heart and some faith in mankind, and do away with copy protection altogether! You're not barricading your house with steel window guards and bullet-proof glass, and you don't carry a gun when going outside in the assumption that any person on the street is a potential criminal, are you? The more we all act like everyone else is an enemy, the more this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are not all bad people - we are mostly good people still, and if we want it to stay that way we better start acting like it!

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I'd like to see the insertions/extractions kept much the way they are now in GRAW. If you don't have the No Narcom mod installed you won't know what I'm talking about, but without the narcaom running the insertions are fantastic. VERY realistic feel in general, as you anticipate the moment that door opens and you put boots on the ground. With the narcom removed there's a no-nonsense feel that leads up to the mission that I think is great.

On the other hand, if they're going to continue to pleague the game with that narcom junk, well, they know what they can do with their insertions......... :blink:

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And pretty please with sugar on top - don't punish your paying customers with yet another ridiculous DRM scheme!...

...We are not all bad people - we are mostly good people still, and if we want it to stay that way we better start acting like it!

Was this serious...you expect a publisher to release a title without any copy protection at all? Why not take it to the next inevitable step then as well, and suggest that they release it as freeware to the masses, because for all intents, that is precisely what would be accomplished.

You suggest here...

Let me just say this: I would be willing to pay $500 for the game you described, and most certainly not because I have any money to throw around!...

Maybe this would be a solution to UbiSoft's dreamed-up "narrow market" theory? Make GR4 f#cking expensive, for all I care, but please: Give me the real Ghost Recon back!!!

...that cost is no object for a title of your liking, yet if they follow this advice, and do away with DRM as you also suggest, just what do you honestly think the percentage of paying customers over pirates would be running the app, present company excluded? And just how many of the decision makers would still be employed at Ubi after pulling something like this.

Current copy protection is not perfect and it can be a pain, but it serves its purpose in stopping the casual copy to a friend(s), and it certainly beats the alternative.


Just an observation, but judging by the length of some of your posts, entering a 16 digit key code should be a piece of cake for you. :D

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...you expect a publisher to release a title without any copy protection at all?

Didn't this happen recently? I forget now, but didn't Ubisoft release a game with no DRM only a couple of months ago?

Oh yeh it was Prince of Persia. One of my favourtie games, the massively successful Company of Heroes also has no DRM.

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Was this serious...you expect a publisher to release a title without any copy protection at all?

Yes, this is serious - yes, this is what I meant - and yes, it works just fine for developers who choose to do so. I have been using Macs for a couple of decades, and most of the (commercial/non-freeware) games and application software (including all operating systems) for Mac I have used throughout the years have no copy protection at all. Maybe you have noticed that even the music industry is (slowly) learning that copy protection is not the solution. Remember CD's?

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Speed the gameplay up, Graw is slow to play compared to [GR].

Maybe these are not the droids you're looking for.......

I say don't speed the game up or slow it down. The game should not dictate the speed, or any other aspect of the way the player chooses to engage the enemy or accomplish the missions. That's what COD and Vegas games do. You just go along for the ride and shoot a few things on the way.

Give us weapons, environments, objectives, enemies, and friendlies, and leave the gameplay up to us.

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That's why I never play with AI teammates.

All the teammate who finish the job with me are all real person.

I never trust AI can save my life.

by the way, AI is pretty stupid in GRAW2. Stay in one position and shoot, never change the position. and the editor is NO GOOD. too different to use , wasting too much time to find out the object or explor the map out.

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Again..................the best argument FOR Co-Op play.

The AI are OK, up to a point, but as real teammates in a mission, firefight,etc. they are very limited in what they CAN do. Its when you have human-teammates in a mission it gets good.

I hardly ever finished a mission with the same number of AI that I started with. They just did stupid stuff.

Got killed and I was alone.

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DAAAAMMIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wall:

I just wasted half an hour on several paragraphs and accidentally hit the side mouse button which sent me back a page and I lost everything I just typed!!!

Where's my GLOCK........... :o=

Backspace to go back a page

Shift + Backspace to go forward

Saved my own bacon a few times before I picked up the 5 button mouse.


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BTW...........since this is a FORUM for what we WANT in the next installment of the GR Series. I am never sure what I want, but I am very sure what I DON'T want!!!!

I Don't Want:

Driveable (except as mere transportation) Military vehicles. Let the game stay Infantry.

Aircraft......(see above)

Weapons Unaccessable unless I either......Purchase them, or through some weird type of Player Achievement Stuff I can have them. Make ALL the weapons available to ME from the beginning. Including all the wonderful attachments they might have as well. Its supposed to be realistic-tac-sim........right?

A non-transferrable-static-non-changeable-hero character to play as. I want to play as WHOM I choose to be! Please!

Not necessarily like RS V2 but close.

Unnecessary "chit-chat" within the game team. My gracious, they chatter like a bunch of Jr-High School Girls!

Shuddap already! I thought short sentences and silence was necessary for stealthy tactics?

Back To Weeapons..............I don't want maybe next gen-weapons. I want the real deal. No rail guns,No anti-gravity-flame-thrower-bazooka stuff,

I don't want Future-Spaceman-Intergalactic-Marines either.


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I just wasted half an hour on several paragraphs and accidentally hit the side mouse button which sent me back a page and I lost everything I just typed!!!

Backspace to go back a page

Shift + Backspace to go forward

Saved my own bacon a few times before I picked up the 5 button mouse.


Hmm, I tried that but the page that I accidentally backspaced to was the sign in page, so maybe that's why it was wiped clean. I was so ######.

Anyway, I agree totally with Kingkat, and those are requests many of us have posted for years and are obviously ignored. Those are all crucial factors regarding the feel of the game, immersion, and replay value. The sad thing is that such obvious requests actually need to be made. But as we have seen, they do.

Ever feel like you mic is unplugged?

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All I'm asking for right now is a cover system. I could get along pretty well with the Ghosts, except in GRAW2. In GRAW2 it was easier to position the ghosts but covering was: or shooting at nothing, or looking and only fire when fired upon.. DAMNIT I JUST WANT YOU TO LOOK THAT WAY AND IF ANYONE COMES UP, BLOW M TO KINGDOM KONG! :wall: .... srry... :blush:

Anyway, the cover system... :hmm:

I;m hearing a lot of people say they should because of the 3rd person view. My thoughts: why 3rd person? it should be possible to make it 1st person. It would give an even better feeling of realisme. I mean.. when I would be in a war I would certainly not lean at every corner. I'd my head to look around, then, depending on the corner, left or right handing my gun and expose as minimum as possible. With leaning in GRAW you've always got a leg around the corner. And when things get complicated.. the ability to use blind fire. It's nasty :devil: but it can be done!

Just hink of a (good working) cover system in 1st person. It would requires some practise but I think I'd love it! :thumbsup:

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Here's my GR4 new features wishlist .

What do you think ?

1) Commands

More commands . Including : Take cover, don't move (hold position without doing anyting), gas / grenade / flash (if it is included) - here (direction), use first / secondary fire, go prone, priorities.

2) Equipment

Grenades : Flash / Explosives (More tactical I think, since it is a tactical game)

Weapons : (Scopes , eotech, acog on any weapon)

Misc: Tagging enemies system (using tactical map), bigger distance tactical map,

3) PC version

(I think it was already featured in xbox / ps3 version)

(Enemy info)

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