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Other features that make a good game great. Discuss features you'd like to see in GR4 that are not covered by the other Wish List discussions.

For example, Replays. Not only for anti-cheat, replays are very popular, whole websites have been developed just to handle replays for other games, and they are great for promoting tournaments and fan made movies are always popular.

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Here's what I'd like to see:

The Ghosts as a Special Forces A-Team in an Afghanistan style conflict:

1) Real-world weapons and tactics: no more experimental crap

2) Open ended campaign and a living gameworld similar to FC2 (not a series of 'maps')

3) Sensible squad AI

4) Calling airstrikes, Evac and some vehicle handling (jeeps, etc..)

5) The ability to recruit local militia

6) A branching set of objectives according to the campaign dynamic

7) Hearts and minds style missions (quests even, if you like)

I'd like the scenario to be that your team has been dropped in, as part of a larger effort to stamp out some tribal warlord or conflict. You'd have open-ended, free roaming ability and the ability to choose from a variety of missions from command, other US/allied units, local tribal leaders, individual NPCs and so on. You could even plot your own course to the bad guy's destruction by searching/asking around to get all the relevant information and planning and executing your own strikes on his camps and outposts and other facilities. Basically a sort of action/RPG/shooter hybrid that games like Fallout, Oblivion and Far Cry 2 have shown us are possible.

Give me an immersive, open ended world and the freedom of choice, within the context of a plausible modern (not futuristic) war and I'm in. I've been saying this since before GR2, but lately, despite their imperfections, games like STALKER Clear Sky and Far Cry 2 have shown the way forward for shooters, even for tactical shooters.

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Actually that really doesn't mean a whole lot.

One might infer that's what it means but we've all been burned here before by UBI. Burned to cinders actually.

I would not at all be surprised to see a GR4 for console and nothing for PC.

How's that song go again....

.... "we won't get fooled again!"

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I just want my true [GR] squeal, that's all, not a console orientated fast paced shoot em up.

I Want the Sound of a bullet to kill

I want one shot kills

I want sneaky

I want camo that works

I want tactical

I want Tactical weapons

I want multiplayer & coop

I want SADS

I Want Controls.

I want team support.

I want doors that open.

I want interiors.

I want Close quarters.

I want objective.

I want the developers to learn by their mistakes.

I want developers to make the next one count.

I want the user to come first.

I want random events

I want Intelligent AI.

I want value for money.

I want a dev team to challenge and beat RSE classic title and set a new classic.

I don't want Airstrikes

I don't want artillery

I don't want COD

I don't want GRAW

I don't want BF2

I don't want fast pace.

I don't want bunny hopping.

I don't want Knife slashers.

I don't want another fully hacked waste of time.

I don't want the mistakes of Christmas past.

Thankyou Santa :santa:

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I have so many great memories of many titles but [GR] stills stands in the top 3 for combat, no mandatory airstrikes, no artillery, no super gun. IT was a magical mix that gave the individual player the power and even more when they played as a team, that was the key, together the team was shear magic, viewing in dead mans eyes (spectator mode) was as enjoyable as alive. That can not be said for 99% of combat games today, spectating while dead is not part of the excitement, but in [GR] it was.

The twist with RSE Ghosts was the team and objective, it functioned as one when you played as one, every corner was a potential threat. GRAW Series missed it, with difficult controls, poor interface and quirky artifacts. Grin in my opinion has done a good job but it just was not good enough, the engine struggled, the netcode delivered full clip NO KILLS and the single player AI was Uber dumb.

Highlights for me with GRIN's GRAW1 & 2 was the Camo in GRAW2 was spot on, GRAW1 environment was sweet, complex but not over bearing. Failings were the lag of the netcode, artifacts with light/ shaders, low draw distance and poor third party support (with less then friendly tools). GRIN found part of the magic of [GR] but lost it in a barrage of problems.

The lack of indoor play with buildings, netcode lag and protection tools lead to a lockdown situation for many servers, the end result was less than 400+ players online at peak, no real success except for sales and free give away bundled copies. RANT OVER.

I'd like to see Ubi Canada team take a stab at this combat game with their stunning FC2 showing promise. FC2 lacks tools, SADS tools & command, but it does show much promise with a fantastic map handling system, a better netcode and a editor close to die for. For a first bash at the genre I'd say they could bring something special. There engine is capable the feature richness of the FC2 title shows it, they must have some special people there but they should learn the lesson of FC2 and deliver SADS & Tools with the product, full instruction and example work.

I would be surprised if another team got it.

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I would like more LARGE CITY maps, or LARGE JUNGLE. I know GR is a field game, but I mean full city in a single level. Not like R6V2, with only a building a map. And better weapons. Not far-out future weapons, but say the XM8. It exists. It works. The US Army signed a stupid contract with Colt Defense, so we can't have it. Its also too expensive. BUT IT WORKS! And, maybe stop taking certain, US/ Germany / XYZ / weapons. Add some AKs, some more snipers (M21, M24 SWS, M107). Vechiles would be nice to. I would love to be the guy operatoring the minigun in the last level insertion in GRAW2. Try to move away from all these rifleman things too. Shotguns, machine guns, mortars (That the player can use), or Mark 13 EGLMs that you can hold like a pistol. AND FLASHBANGS. Also, binoculars would be kinda cool too.

EDIT: I read a topic: Why dont the enemys smoke?

I agree with it. Maybe not smoking, because smoking- OH NO! Its even worse then killing people, but maybe have some feeling that the guy you kill dont see it coming- He picks up a glass of water, he gos to the bathroom, he scrathes his head, or maybe if hes gaurding something special but hes lazy, he checks his weapon, talks to teammates, leans foward. Or if hes really on top of his game: Hes crouching or prone, aiming his rifle, sets up his teammates smartly, looks around-maybe even pulls out binculars.

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Hello to all in the GR community, i am pretty easy to please so here it goes. My wishlist for GR4 would be:

-[GR] with improved graphics

-more maps

-more gametypes

-and no more crashes in co-op, grr

-and last but certainly not least, more peeps like lighty, thales, and rocky

Hope you all have a memorable christmas and a safe new year's <----------but not too safe :thumbsup:

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Speed the gameplay up, Graw is slow to play compared to [GR].

Always run setting, so run key becomes walk key. (toggleable for those that prefer to walk).

And i wish you could lose the gun from the viewport, and only have the scope come up when zooming.

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i want to see a back to Georgia myself - ive seen enough desert campaigning to last me for a long time.

i want forest, greenery, snow, mud, etc etc

This i think would really be great, to see the ghost back in Georgia. I think an extensive upgrade with nice graphics and we be good to go, of course game play is a must.

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I can do without the Arty and air strike also but am not opposed to it either. I just perfer to have the team deal with the threats rather than a 3rd party. Also I want anti tank weapons that can be fired both without having to lock on for quick shots at static targets (bunkers/HMG) and lock on capability for moving targets, and separate Anti Air that does require lock on.

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As every recipe begins with good ingredients, this title should have a good game engine as a foundation. One that doesn’t run on diesel. We shouldn’t have to upgrade our machines in order to have fun. That being said, if this shooter offers a great new gaming experience based upon improvements at a cost of more resources, I will buy a new rig just for this game, like I did for the original.

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Character creation (some like in vegas 2) will be nice i think. But for player and teammates.

To expand upon that, allow 2 characters. One is for the Ghosts, the other for the bad guys. That way you won't have the Vegas 2 issue where you have to have a marking over someones head to know if they are friendly or not but still forces people to double check who their shooting at.

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