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[a small tutorial on] Ai Respawn

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Would it be usefull to have a basic stock map set up for mission help? A simple level that opens in the editor, or you can spawn into it in game. No enemy or any other scripting needed. From there it would be a lot easier to direct someone. Nominates AmEyeBlind. :shifty:


Tinker my heli scripting is coming on lol. I have two taking off then landing then re-taking off and then guarding set areas. It impressed me anyway :wacko:

Tinker thats what i have been trying to do, i have screwed up to many half built maps and scripts so i have learnt to do base maps with one specific role. problem is this time my map has several levels, the start is below the "player" and when placing ai in the lower levels i crash on start up. I have installed the backup from last week, not lost much, so hopefully my ai will spawn if not its just another waste of a weeks map building :rofl::wall:

It all one big learning curve

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what helped me a lot in the beginning was to unbundle some existing maps to look at it in the editor and the scripts.

it can help a lot when you look at a finished map just to see how other mapmakers are doing it.

nemesis what crash go you get with your map? any crashlog ? or just a crash to desktop?


just remembered something, fishmonger did a tutorial for mapmaking, also with video toturials.

maybe that can help you as well.



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this is the crash

Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35

data\lib\units\ai\soldier\sorderlogics.dsf(-1): cant find member: find_close in type <void>









data\levels\custom_levels\bodybagsv2 4th\bodybagsv2 4th.dsf(38)

There is no ai on the map all reference to ai events or element types have been removed from the script.

I had a back up of this map folder so i have put that back in and am working with that one now

Thanks for the tutorials and videos they should help.


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