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Update Info - Nov 08

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NEW INFO 24th NOV 08 :thumbsup:

As you read, it becomes apparent B.I.S. has done alot of work for ARMA2, not just a make over, including many new features, like multi controller suppot, so you can run for example 2 joysticks & a keyboard for controlling planes, helios and vehicles. One of the old bug bares was you could not inc Rudder pedals and a separate joystick in the config.

Many other things are also mentioned but you can read them for your self. :santa:



PDF Press kit 21 NOV 2008


Player-driven story

Role-playing and resource management elements.

Command your troops through a branching campaign

full of twists and surprises.

Extensive multiplayer

Play the entire solo campaign cooperatively or

dive into huge PvP battles for control of the whole


Mission Editor

The Intuituive, powerful mission editor lets you

design your own missions in minutes or create

intricate and unique campaigns. Infinitely extend

the game!

Authentic weapon simulation

Bullet ballistics and deflection, material penetration,

real-world magazine capacity, tracers, ammunition

types and stopping power.

Unique AI

No scripts, no pre defined pathways. AI adapt

and use the open environment on the fly. AI share

information, flanking and taking cover to surprise

and outsmart players.

Dynamic conversation system.

ArmA 2 integrates preset conversations with dynamic

queries about the game environment. Talk

to soldiers in the field and civilians caught up in

the fighting. Soldiers shout and use hand gestures

based on real world military doctrine.

Interesting Facts And Figures

The Key Improvements over ArmA

• Micro AI: AI can precisely navigate, find cover

and co-operate with centimetre precision (in

comparison to meter precision in ArmA 1)

• Suppressive fire simulation

• Battlefield clearance and first aid

• Dynamic conversation and communication


• Animations (more fluid and realistic, hand signals,

ability to reload while walking, climb over

smaller obstacles)

• HALO insertion

• Mega SEF - brand new sound engine allowing

very complex sound effects

• Player-driven main story with emphasis on the


• multicore optimisations (more troops and

higher detailed scenes combined with a solid

frame rate)

• Shader Model 3.0

• support for multiple joysticks/controllers

The Content

• 213 character models in total

• 31 male and 37 female civilian characters

• 8 animal species

• 81 weapon variants

• 136 different vehicle variants

• 14 airplanes inlcuding 2 UAV‘s and 13 helicopters

• 18 tracked armored vehicles

• 2 motorcycles + 1 bicycle

• 80 wheeled vehicles including light armored

vehicles, cars and trucks

• 8 boats

• 17 different static weapon installations

The Environment

225 square k • m of real world terrain data

covered by 235.929,600 pixels of the actual

satellite imagery

• Over 50 different cities and villages

• 879,285 individual items of vegetation

(726,949 trees and 152,336 bushes)

• Over 326km of roads

• Around 100km of powerlines

• 1883 unique traffic signs - including actual

directions to towns/villages

The Artwork

• Characters are made up from 10,000 polygons

• Vehicles up to 20,000 polys

• Weapon models up to 8.000 polys

The Sounds

• 3D positioning with Doppler effect

• 3D environment effects including distance

based distortion, reverberation, occlusions

and obstructions

• Speed of sound and supersonic bullet crack


• 978 separate sound samples (footsteps, gear

noises, movements etc.)

• Each vehicle sound is composed from

more than 40 noises (engine, friction of tyres

on surfaces, etc.)

• New simulation of the sounds of aircraft and


• Improved sound of tanks with separate noises

of the engine and treads.

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It does sound interesting (for me, from a purely single player - possibly co-op - point of view). Like they have moved in the direction I'd like them to. OFP1 was a game with massive unfulfilled potential for my gaming tastes. ArmA1 was too much of the same. This may be a really interesting game though.

I had kinda figured I'd be thumbing my nose at anything but the new Sky Gods and Ground Branch games. I might have been wrong.


krise madsen

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Really interested (hopeful) in seeing if the improvements of graphics management, micro AI, multi-core support, etc., will allow for a Company on your left AND a Company on your right, that with full settings and optimal FPS.

Not too keen on the advent of "Team Razor" though, or the layout of the Command Bar.

Definite pre-order.

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Well the dual core requirement has been confirmed but the MSR for the GPU is still up in the air despite this...

Minimum system configuration has been published on the official ARMA 2 website


Can't find it anywhere on the site...or it's still Classified.

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