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missions 47&50 Xbox version

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I'm a Colonel...i need to finish missions 47 and 50 to become general... but................

I've the italian version of GR for Xbox and reading the dossier, about missions 47 & 50 it says (translated from italian):

47: complete M07 in Firefight mode at Elite with M16/M203 kit

50: complete M13 in Firefight mode at Elite without loosing soldiers

PLEAAASE...can anyone confirm that looking on his dossier view of american (or other languages) version? Becouse i've finished those 2 missions but the game doesn't confirm that!

Thanks a lot


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47 m07 has to be completed on recon not fire fight, on elite with only one soldier using the m16/203

which doesn't mean you can use buzz Gordan


50 M13 on fire fight and on elite, you have to not loose a soldier but you have to use a full team, all six soldiers have to be used and servive.

Other then that i don't know it worked for me.


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