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I Might Buy This, Have A Few Questions.

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the graw2 demo ran alright on my amd 64 3200, 1024 ram, 9800pro, do you think the full game on coop will run as well on my pc?(im only gonna play coop)

when i join a server with a new coop map that i don't have can i d/l it right there(kinda like red orchestra does)? if not, what are the popular coop maps i should d/l and install before i even go online?

im thinking of buying graw2 from steam.

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You would need to download the maps from here before joining the server. The download numbers for each mod would give an indication of which were the most popular, but the best bet would be to drop by the squads website and see which maps they have on rotation.

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As Rocky says its best to dowload the maps from here and put the bundle files in your custom_levels folder before you go online.

There is an ocean of coop and custom games to be downloaded ..... and if your ever gonna buy a game .. buy this one ...

oh ...... and jusy cos a game has a low download number .... doesn't necessarily mean its unpopular ...... could be the mission modder has only just released it .... like ... ahem .... coop_urban_conflict_legacy_v2 :- .... that ones only been up there for about a week.

Enjoy the game


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I know some who have had issues with the steam version so suggest a physical version if you can.

I personally love the game, GRAW2 and basically it's all we play at games nights. So i am biased, but as the guys have said, get the maps/missions from the graw 2downloads section of ghostrecon.net and put them in your custom_levels folder and you are good to go. Alternatively, log on to the network server list and it'll show the list of maps people are playing, then d/l those...or join a clan and they'll tell you the maps/missions they play.

IMHO, just grab them all.

Also, re. mods, difficult one. as it depends on the server you are going tot play on...the mods you have installed need to match the server you are playing on or the game will not work...so it depends.

Hope that helps,


Oh, and there are alot of lurkers here and very few posters, so don't let the post hit rate bother you.

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Hi Cajun,

I personally love the game too, Ive played cod4 5 etc. To me graw2 is the better game out there, Its more of a team game ( tactical ) then run a gun. But to me graw2 is half the game in single-player then multi-player. join a clan or a server with teamspeak.

Have fun, Radiator

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Is this the same Cajun from Ghost Recon @ Gamespy around 2004 and ubi.com more recently? If so, get Xfire messenger and add 'markami'. I just got my copy and want to get into some good coops for a while before entering any multiplayer murder houses.

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i never hung around gamespy or ubi.com very much.

anyone here has carpal tunnel? i had it pretty bad, i stopped pc gaming and bought a 360 and the pain went away after a while. i say well over a year ago.


i was ready to do some pc gaming like graw2. i played the demo a few times and sure enough the pain in my wrist starts creeping back. am i just unlucky? i know most of you been playing pc games forever, any suggestions about what can i do to stop carpal tunnel.

im not gonna just take the pain cause that will lead to surgery.

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Weel, never played single player :rocky: i might try once, but for now i definitely stick with multiplayer.

So, my old system was Athlon 64 x2 3800+ GF 7600 GT ,2GB RAM, would say that average FPS during online gaming was about 34 maybe slightly less or more. (deathmatch)

but my suggestion, buy a new PC.Then you can fully enjoy GRAW2. :P

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