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3d Studio Max 5


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Obviously I'm a new member to the forum, but I've been visiting it since I bought GR in 2003. I never had the need to join because any modding questions I had were already answered by the experienced modders on the forum. I've probably made about 50 or so missions over the years for my own personal use and for a close circle of friends. I'm not what you'd call a newbie, at least not to mission scripting. Over the years I've used original GR maps, expansion maps and fan maps for my missions. I'm starting to run into the problem of repetition. I've used all the maps time and time again, and am running out of material for new missions. I have plenty of my own ideas for maps, but never obtained the 3D software sadly. Now I've gone on a desperate search to obtain this 3D software. Anyhow, here are my questions.

Firstly, does anyone want to sell me their copy of Max 4 or 5? I will pay a fair price for it.

Second, I've finally found the 3D Max guide 'for dummies' that comes with the demo CD. Can I use this demo CD to create maps? Also, if I get this CD, how long to I have before it expires?

In a broader perspective, what exactly do I need to make my own GR maps for as long as I want? Will the demo fit this purpose, or must I continue an impossible search for a licensed copy?

I'm a quick learner in general, any 3D Max suggestions you guys have would be great, thanks in advance.

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I can't answer most of your questions but there are people who frequent here that can.

The only info I can offer is the IT disc contains a lengthy .pdf on creating maps and also the lighting tool.

I vaguely recall that there are some plugins for Max that are of help in creating GR maps.

Someone more knowledge will have to substantiate that. 0:)

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Your version of Max 5 will last for 30 days, to continue using Max, you will need to reformat your hard drive & re-install.

The plugins needed are in the CD's of the game. It includes instructions as to how to make a basic map.

In the 1st month you will learn how to make maps, but it will take more then a month to make a full on map that is playable in GR, it is a lot of work, but man, it is worth it!

Yor best bet is to find a full version of 3Ds Max 5 or 4.

As long as you have Max 5 or4 and GR, you will be able to make maps/levels for GR.

Here is a great guide for making your 1st map:


For learning how to use 3Ds Max, go to:

www.3dbuzz.com, they have video tutorials that are free and will teach you how to use Max,

also visit:


They also have a great number of videos that are free, from basics to advanced.

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