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hi guys

I downloaded a HH map recently with a view to using it to create a new coop version ... (nice sized map and plenty of light) .... in the world.xml file i can find the "editable_gui" tag and alter the in game text that is written on walls, fences and traffic signs, however, occasionally (I'm changing text a couple at a time) I get a CTD with an error message saying something about "trying to read beyond the archive" ..(not sure exactly what it says cos i'm in work at the moment) ...... could someone explain this one to me.

It seems that if i keep the number of text characters the same ie.... if the in game text is 10 letters then mine is also 10 letters its fine .... or if its in lowercase and i use lowercase its fine, but if i use 11 letters or change it to uppercase it causes the CTD.

Only a small matter .... and the answer would be to keep within 10 letters and leave it in lowercase ..... but I like to add my own ..... if you like ...... signature to things (so that in future ... one day .... someone will say "ahh I recognise this, its a map by Legacy" :P:P ) and also include a few things that give people a giggle.

Over to you guys :thumbsup:


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