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FC 2: new map: TuG Cp04 Island Village released


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The first release from me in what should become a series of maps inspired by some classics from the [Ghost Recon], which was the game that kick started the TuG clan off back in 2002.

Map Name: [TuG] CP04 Island Village

Author: TuG.Beaver

Description: Based on the original CP04 Island Village map from the Island Thunder expansion pack for Ghost Recon.

Original Map Overlay:







Download in-game via the MAP COMMUNITY section or alternatively from TuG Team website.

While this isn't an exact replica, nor should it be, I think it follows the spirit of the map! :D

[Edit: Oversize images changed to URL's - FORUM RULE 3.14 ]

Edited by Pave Low
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Great job mate. I like the idea bout remakes that are improvements over the originals. Did the same with myself for Training from Ghost Recon 2 on FC2 on the Xbox 360.

Its a shame that the multiplayer is so horrendous. Last night I shot 50 bullets into the back of a guy and he turned around and killed me with his grenade launcher. Easily the mosy unbalanced, non fun multiplayer ever played. I've got to find out the name of the guy who was in charge of the MP so I can avoid any other games he is involved in in future.

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