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New Ogr Map: Arsenic Trihydride


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hi there

its been a while since i made a map,

but finaly i had the time and motivation to make a new one.

so here comes arsenic trihydride,

it has 3800 possible kills on it and 14700 lines in the script.

ai is respawning until you move close enough to them, or kill all spawners.

kinda like tiranea aldea.

i markt the areas were you stop the spawning, you just need to see them.

there are some objectives to be done,

such as killing twice a carlos to get doorcodes to open hangars.

destroying jammers or finding and placeing c4.

to open doors stand close to electrik next to it.

to pick up c4 locate the box labeld with c4 and stand close to it.

there is 1 box with c4 in each hangar, all together 4.

the c4 in hangar 1 and 4 are a must for the mission 2 and 3 are eye candy.

should be play played by at least 3 pleayers,

there are constantly between 20 and 40 enemys running arround.

difficulty is riseing up during by going from guerillas over infantry to spec ops.

teamplay and timeing are really importend on this map.

the map crashes at the start of the 2nd round.

have fun with this.


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no not really, when you know were everything sits in the script its easy to overwatch it.

and the stuff for the respawning runners, was all scripted with templates :D

so no way of getting a failure in that parts ;)

i m trying arround with a defending map in the moment, that might have a bigger script when its done. w00t

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