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Funny Gtr Evolution+track Ir Video

Cpl Ledanek

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I have got one and love it. Do you play any flightsims? Must-have! Racesims + cockpit view and you already got a wheel? Get it! ArmA? Get it!

It takes some getting used to (15-30 min for me, some longer), but I never want to play without it again. It's funny when I think about it, I feel like having tunnel vision in games without it and unconsciously move my head around :D

I can assure you it will not make you a bad driver, if you haven't been one before ;)

If you want to try it or you are more of a DIY person you can build a similar thing with a webcam and some IR diodes with a program called "Freetrack".

The video was funny, reminds me of my first trys in GTL with a keyboard :)

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