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CoH:Tales of Valor - Edge-online Article

Pave Low

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interesting 2 page article over on edge-online > Good Company

Even more than the first expansion, Opposing Fronts, CoH house Relic Entertainment will evolve the WWII franchise with the upcoming standalone add-on, Tales of Valor for PC, due in spring 2009.

Tim Holman, senior producer for Relic and the CoH franchise, describes Valor as a "series of short stories" as opposed to the "one big novel" format adopted by previous entries in the Company of Heroes franchise.

"We moved away from the mechanic of building a base, building a large army and going out and finding the enemy," he said. Instead, Valor, staying true to its title, will highlight more personal, "heroic moments."

lots of new information and titbits on the new CoH: Tales Of Valor expansion addon and on Relic's future plans for CoH

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Finally some more news.

I also still am playing CoH, simply it has not been beaten yet in the RTS-genre.

Hopefully some of those ideas about making a full sequel will include something like an iraqi freedom-campaign setting-wise. Relic Entertainment sure could pull it off.

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