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Wd Camopack V3 Beta Released

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WD CamoPack v3b

I have released this project 'as-is' - it is incomplete, hence it being beta. All of the flak vests and all of the webbing sets are not included nor are some skins/boonies/helmet covers as they never got completed. The readme says that the webbing sets etc are included but they are not (so I don't want to hear any complaints of 'Hey WD you lied to me, it's not all there') :)

I had a load of new camos etc sitting around on hard drive for many months. A had moved onto other things after v2.1, which was the same time v3 went into development. I had completed some new skins etc by then, but never released them. So here it is, my seemingly 'unreleased project.'

If there is interest/demand, I can finish this thing up and give you v3f (full.) GR is nigh on dead, we know that. We also know that some other great modders recently left to move on to other things. Maybe it's time for divine intervention? But it will only be for the time bring because I will be moving abroad by the end of next year, for WytchDokta's people have need of his other services in far away hallowed lands. :P

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Hi R, thanks m8.

Yes, please replace the older versions, this version includes all the previous updates aswell as new content. Once again, many thanks. :thumbsup:

Should people still want the older versions, they can obtain them from my page at FileFront.

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Sounds like a plan. :thumbsup:

If you haven't already, it might be best to put on the download entry that v3 is incomplete, hence the beta status. The readme was not updated before v3b was released; the readme still lists new content that never got completed.

Once again, thanks for the co-operation.

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