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hi to all people, :D

I ask your help.

till 2 days ago my 1.05 GRAW2 was fast and detailed, mouvements were fluid and quick, sincro between keyboard and actions on time.

Now all actions are slowed down. When clicking right mouse I've to wait seconds before iron come up, and walking is something like a drunk walk !

So I reinstalled last version of my Nvidia 8600 drivers, and reistalled the game too.

Nothing! :wall:

I'm bloked, thanks in advance to anyone could help :thumbsup:


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Bonjourno Pier,

I would look for general reasons for a slow down! It's probably not GRAW causing it !!

Have you changed anything on your PC or in GRAW's settings?

Is your PC slow to run anything else?

Try re-installing the sound driver!! (this can have a major effect on GRAW)

I assume that nothing is running in background (a virus scan or similar)

Re-instal mouse driver.

How much memory do you have? (minimum 1.5Gb is recommended)

How much spare hard drive is available for GRAW to run in?


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Good evening Mike (hoping you are in UK or EU) :D

I tryed, two days ago, to run the Ageia map...without having Ageia physics or an Ageia processor installed on my GeForce 8600 GT :wall:

This caused, I guess, the activation of the alternative physic drivers of the Nvidia: the GeForce PhysiX

I opened the PhysiX control pannel and switched on NO ACCELERATION

Now the game is working properly.

I guess have to buy a new GPU, :rolleyes:

Thanks anyway.

PS thanks for your "Bonjourno" , very appreciated. :)

(buongiorno is the correct way to write it) :thumbsup:

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