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Thinking About Trying Google Mail

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I was reading about Chrome, and will be switching to it tonight, so it made me think about other Google apps, so maybe I should give Google Mail a shot. Primarily because it'll probably have some neat tie-in with Chrome, but also because I need to try something new that can strip out spam, and I read Google Mail can collect my pop3 accounts.

Yes, no...?

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I like Gmail more than Hotmail (I have both) but I would stay away from Chrome. There are some serious privacy issues with it right now that make me uncomfortable. Plus, with all the work Mozilla and Firefox has been up to improving javascript runtime and new features I think I'll be sticking to FF.

The interface for Gmail is quite nice, plus it has some integration into google calendar if you use that.

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hey buddy...

I see this is kind of an older topic...did you ever decide to give gmail a shot. I've used it for awhile now and I'm pretty pleased with it. I like that I can forward emails to my cell phone; I can use Outlook to check it; the storage space is impressive; it has a chat feature that runs through the webpage and doesn't require an installed program to use (which is useful if your firewall blocks those kind of apps...this feature manages to slip by heh heh); it has nifty themes to spruce the place up; you can check it anywhere and always have "email" available...

and best of all...I get NO SPAM.

I'm trying Chrome out...I really like it's "clean" look...as far as menu buttons and such. Seems to run pretty fast. It will have to be really slick to pull me away from Firefox, which I've been using for years now.

Rumor has it Google is creating a "Google OS" - Microsoft...watch out...heh heh.

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Yep, I am using Chrome now, much faster than my Firefox installation.

And I am using Google Mail in tandem with outlook at the moment. The anti spam feature of Google Mail has me sold, when you get 400 spam a day, having a good anti-spam measure is essential, and google mail is doing a great job.

I'm finding it hard to totally move away from outlook express and all my folders, the gmail way is quite different, but I anticipate going solo with gmail soon!

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I have Outlook configured to send/receive off of my Gmail account so I can keep using Outlook...mainly because I sync my phone to Outlook.

Drop me a line with your Gmail account so I can add you to my address book...perhaps we can chat sometime.

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Here's one thing that is very cool with google mail - how it groups emails from one person together like a conversation. So they are not spread all over the place leaving you hunting around.

For example, someone sent me 6 or 7 GRAW mods today, in seperate emails, so now when I got to work on them, I won't have to search for the emails, they are presented by googlemail like one big email., :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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My missus used to use an amalgam of web based email accounts, as well as an OEM installed Outlook to handle ISP email. Several months ago, I rebuilt her computer, and Outlook was lost in the process.

Solution? Gmail is set as her email client now. All of her accounts, webmail or ISP, are routed to her Gmail inbox, and then labelled by account. Same thing with sending mail. She can send and receive email from all of her accounts all within Gmail, from home, work, while visiting relatives, etc.

Add in the built in Gtalk, zero configuration chat when she's away from home.

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An article posted a day or so ago over at CNET:

What Gmail does better than its competitors:

1. Block Spam

2. Google Apps

3. Filters

4. Block Annoying Ads

5. Conversation Displays (apparently we're not the only ones who like that feature)

Read the whole article here...if you're interested...

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