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Problem Connecting To Servers

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  • 2 weeks later...

Have the same problem after a HD crash. Installed the latest nvidia drivers (178), installed the game and could not play at all. Installed the 163.15 drivers and at least can play the campaign. Router configuration is still the same with known ports to graw2 opened, even tried with firewall down, on dmz and on lan server but still the same connection timeout.

could it be the dotnet 2.0 ? well have to look further on this ....since there is little reply

lan server game_log says:

11:05 Elchino has joined the game.

11:07 Elchino Joined IP:

11:07 Elchino Disconnected IP:

11:07 Elchino has left the game.

duocore 6400

nvidia 8800 gts

2 gig mem

used 178.14 nvidia

now back on 177

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  • 4 weeks later...

Same problem

I re-installed this game after several months of not playing it. My system has changed some.

Antec1200 case


Q6600 @2.4ghz

2gb DDR2(800) ram

160gb Seagate

700W PSU

9800 GTX+

Win XP Pro

I get to the multiplayer browser and when I click on a server to join I keep waiting and waiting and waiting. to the point where I alt tab and have to ctrl +del and esc and more to shut it down.

-My firewall is off.

-I can get into campain VERY SLOWLY

-when I try to join multiplayer and I wait long enough

**the map name dissapears

**a red dot appears at the top left of my screen

**I get a message saying I timed out with the server.

any ideas?

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i had the same problem a while ago and it turned out to be that my router was failing (i reinstalled the router and it would work for a while) then found some updates for the router and that worked for a while but still went back to losing connection so i replaced the router and havent had the problem since

hope this helps :)

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