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Pc Logon To Severs - Timing Out


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I just loaded GRAW 2 on my PC (was running original GRAW earlier with no problem). When I am in multi-player and select a server, it never does anything - just sits there and eventually gives me a time out message saying check your network connection. I know I am getting out there (my internet is good), and Have had some actually request for a log-on ID right up front from a server (pings below 100ms, most in the 40's).

I've installed the 1.05 patch, and even re-installed software; any ideas?

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Me too

I re-installed this game after several months of not playing it. My system has changed some.

Antec1200 case


Q6600 @2.4ghz

2gb DDR2(800) ram

160gb Seagate

700W PSU

9800 GTX+

Win XP Pro

I get to the multiplayer browser and when I click on a server to join I keep waiting and waiting and waiting. to the point where I alt tab and have to ctrl +del and esc and more to shut it down.

-My firewall is off.

-I can get into campain VERY SLOWLY

-when I try to join multiplayer and I wait long enough

**the map name dissapears

**a red dot appears at the top left of my screen

**I get a message saying I timed out with the server.

any ideas?

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