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What Clans Do With Cheating Members?


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I wonder what clans do with clan members that get caught cheating and

there is evidence.

I suspect that some clans they share some “clan secrets†to dominate over

other clans and players and these secrets can be glitches and cheats-hacks

of different kinds.

There are many videos on YouTube about cheater that has been captured.

Do clan members protect each other in loyalty for the clan or do they follow

rules and regulations at all cost to honor of the clan?

Does the member lose membership or does he get a reprimand for bad behavior?

How many reprimands can a member get before he\she loses membership?

There is NO honor in winning when cheats has been used! :angry:

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I cannot speak for other clans but Team -HK- expels any member caught using cheats or modified game files. If proof is shown of the cheating we not only expel them but post the proof for the public to see and share it with other clans. We ban the cheater from our Forums, Ventrillo, and our Server.

Alot of the clans out there accept the use of Modified .xml files. We at Team -HK- consider this to be a cheat and do not tolerate it.

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Yeah When I admined at BDA we did not put up with that crap.

The Group I am with now we are so tight it would be hard to say but If the person was kept in the group he would have to tell the community what a douce bag he was and I myself would give out his game Id to other like game Admins so as to keep a watch on him.

One good thing about being a group of mostly OLD folks is you don't see that type of crap.

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We had that problem 5 weeks ago.

Nightmare used a hack, so that he have unlimmeted ammo. 1 day later he wasnt OZ* anymore.

---> Banned on @ll our servers.

If somebody hack on our server, OZ* member or not, we ban him immediately. If an member does it, he will be kick him out. Its hard to loose a "friend" that way.

I play more coop now, because bots dont cheat.

Serveradmins can do a screenshot to check what the player see and have.



/screenshot #PLAYER-ID

Find the screenshot on your gameserver in the "game_log". Choose the date, match and then open the folder "screenshot". There you will find 2 files:

-screenshot.xml: Includes what the player have done, killzz, deaths, weapons used, nades thrown etc.

-screenshot.jpg: a picture that shows what the player ve seen in the moment you did that screenshot.

Moreover you can block it, so that nobody can do a useful screenshot. we hat to players that hacked that way. So we gained a screenshot that was partly "grey". In that case our Clan does ban players which have to "hide" something.

PS: Its sad that its not possible to trust in other players. :(

I realized that only immature ppl. are cheating. So if you play with mature ppl. you wont have that problem.

This game should be rated to "18+" :thumbsup:

Kind Regards


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@ AFZ you get a good foot in the ###### as your booted out the door. We do however leave your forum permissions as a regular user in case you want to plead your case.

Only ever had this happen once and it was with a clan member that was hacking a game that afz didn't even play and hosting it on a sub domain that i had set up for him for other purposes... grr.He was making hacks for starcraft and allowing peeps to download.

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