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IGN AU: So you have a lot of shared assets and technology between the development teams, then.

Vinh-Dieu Lam: Yep, Scott Mitchell is in EndWar too, and the next Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter will probably have references to the back-story of EndWar – to the Shield Network and world oil problems.

IGN AU: Do you see the next G.R.A.W. using actual voice commands too?

Vinh-Dieu Lam: Umm, possibly. I'm not sure exactly what their plans are for the design, but you already have the CrossCom with the different commands – like 'move forward' or 'hold position'. But maybe rather than having it set to some position, maybe you just tell him to move forward. That would be quite natural.

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Im just hoping that Voice commands isnt the gimmick to replace true gameplay quailty. Id live to see a dropping of the cross com and the Advanced Warfigher title.

I might have to change my sig now! maybe you wont even have to pull the trigger no more.

Shoot him, shoot her, grenade them, teamkill, blow myself up. (again).

I noted your post about games tester jobs going at Redstorm, yay its in testing stages.

wonders if Vinh-Dieu Lam got a slap round the head.

thanks Vinh-Dieu Lam.


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Yeah Voice command is an old Tech, I remember being stoked when i Got R63, twas the shiot using the voice command. Though definately alot of improvements with the accuracy in Endwar. Eitherway, cant wait for the new GR. Hopefully they update the engine, cuz vegas 2 wasnt as impressive as some of the newer shooters coming out. Even valve can make a better shooter with source.

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if the new Ghost Recon is going to have voice command it raises a few questions,

will it only be used in the single player campaign? and is Redstorm going to be doing that this time round. (hope so)

if it was used in MP where can you see it working?

I can see a few uses, i.e. calling up the map, so say u had a enemy sniper at a location rather then pull up the map and say the map ref to your teammates and have them pull up the map and look for the area, you could say map and then say out the map ref i.e. B12 the game would stick a waypoint at that location and the way point would remain there for a few seconds so everyone would know staight away.

hang on thats a really crap idea, it would be really annoying hearing everyone saying commands.

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I'm not sure I can envision voice-commands working in MP, unless you have your AI squad moving with you and an intercom trigger to send messages to live players.

I still like the idea of an interactive map. I'm not sure how you could do it, but it would be really cool to be able to draw out basic plans for squads on the map. Some of the best games I've ever played in GRAW have been games where communication and coordinated moves led to successful completion of objectives. The worst games are the ones where the map loads and 5 guys take off at full sprint without a word.

A cool feature to help a team leader communicate would be to enable an interactive map and a pencil tool. I'm envisioning being able to draw lines, arrows, circles and such on the game map, so that another player opens the map, it has the added notes draw on. Maybe it could be as simple as one thumbstick moves the cursor, pulling left trigger and moving the thumbstick draws on the map?

Add to that some of the squad assignment capabilities of AA, and you might have something really cool in MP...

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