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Hide A Small_static (spansk_ryttare)


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I want hide a small_static from the world and show it later. Also I want to walk over the place, where the small_static is placed. The small_static is a spansk_ryttare.

I've tried:

<element type="DisableUnit" name_id="sperre_04"/>

<element type="EnableUnit" name_id="sperre_04"/>

This don't work. Nothing changed.


<element type="UnitVisibility" name_id="sperre_04" action="hide"/>

<element type="UnitVisibility" name_id="sperre_04" action="show"/>

spansk_ryttare was not visible, but can't walk through

Can anyone help?


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Something to check...in GRAW2 we have had issues with setslot in scripts not replicating acurately in online games (ie. dedicated servers). Not sure if the issue exists in GRAW1, however, just thought I'd mention it.

Also, just for clarity,the elements DisableUnit and EnableUnit I used to turn on and off attributes of a prop. For example you would use this to turn a street light on and off. It calls a section of the code in the unit xml.

Not sure if it exists in GRAW1, but in GRAW:2 we also have the command CreateUnit.

There is an example on the wiki for creating a zeus (weapon) and a laptop (prop) here http://graw2.pbwiki.com/Advanced-scripting...dingaZeuslaptop


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