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No More Custom Maps


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The are NO custom maps in rotation on the big clan servers, i have seen that!

Do NOT ask for more custom maps, they are not been used anyway.

The era of Custom maps for GRAW2 is finished already!

Ghost Recon (ORG) is an old game and has more potential than GRAW2.

More missions and maps are made for that game and used to.

GRAW2 is dead and forgotten soon, bacause of that!

So remember!!



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So remember!!



Your view and sadly, you are entitled to it.

However, it is just that, your view so please do not force it on others (esp. in capital letters).

If people want to request maps for GRAW 2, and there are many who do, let them...infact I suggest we thank them for the interest. As it's that interest that motivates people to make make and learn new things. It is not all about the big clan servers you know. I play only with mates in lan games each week.

You do sound rather bitter about the whole thing so perhaps time to take a break.

Mods, I think this post by NoFears deserves a resposnse from you re. this type of post...but again that's not my call.

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I do not see much custom maps used on the most visited game servers online.

If the custom maps do not get used much then they will be forgotten very soon.

It is a waste of time to make custom maps for GRAW2 and the game will soon be

forgotten to an be a part of the history as all other old games that has been made.

The best would be if GRIN of UBI came out with an official map-pack.

Then the new maps are more accepted by them who plays the game.

I have heard many explanations why clans do not accept custom maps.

- No auto download of maps

- Different versions of maps

- Looing players on the servers

- Takes time to make maps.

The list could go on and on for ever..

but this is one the patterns thats makes the custom maps less popular

among the big number of Online players.

It surprises me that and old game like Ghost Recon ORG has more

maps and missions and more of that are still made by the map and

mod makers... But still.. and older game with more potential than GRAW2.

And for those big clans and clan members i wanna say..

Do not defend making of custom maps if you don't use

custom maps on your online game servers anyway.

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I agree with what you say ... the truth is that when a modder makes a map, he does think that the people you like and play it .... and not recognized by anyone who is better or worse Indeed, but because it extends the life of the game.

I have played since that appeared GRAW1, and certainly I have seen how the game has lost its essence.

Graw is a tactical game, not a kill to kill can be as Call of Duty 4 (that's my opinion), however, those who play GRAW2 do almost 80% on maps TDM (team Deathmatch). It is rare to see a server where they are playing a map mode HH, and if so, mostly playing as if it were a TDM, logging up to spawn enemy.

The same as I commented in the forums of the most popular clans, but the response is similar to what you have said, and the truth is frustrating to see many very good maps and where people could enjoy this great game, and the only thing you see is TDM_Arroyo, TDM_Nowhere and few more....

Ubisoft has abandoned the game entirely. Since there are no more updates (the latter certainly was a disaster) and I doubt much to do nothing more for this community.

The penalty is that I'm seeing many new players, who are learning to play this game without its essence tactic..... is wonderful to play a map as Timber, to a single life ... a lot of tension, many nerves, very careful .....

But the reality is that we can all see .... that those who have the option of being able to give a push to GRAW2 is not lost, they simply put in their servers the 4 or 5 original maps, a pair of customized (with any luck) and ready .. .. to distribute lead

This is my opinion.....

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Servers admins are frustrated by the lack of a auto download for maps, and different versions cause issues for people joining. The latest versions are always to be found in our download section though, so it shouldn't really be an issue.

It's certainly not a waste of time to make new maps though, they are download in their hundreds whenever they are releaased.

The situation certainly won't be reversed by reducing the number of maps, what it needs is for server admins to put these maps in rotation, and make sure that their visitors get the download information via their clan websites. Or, if a map pack of the best is required, that's something we can put together.

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[HI]Galor.. I have seen many of your great custom maps but

it is a pity that they are not used on any big game servers.

If feel somehow pity for all great modders here, because

your maps are not accepted by the clans and others.

It most be frustrated for ALL modders to see that their great

maps are not accepted by not so many.

Some players or clan members they give compliments to a modder

when they release a new good custom map, but they don't have it

on there servers. It is like giving double sided messages to the modder..

(Great map!, but we will not use it).

There was NO auto download in Ghost Recon (org), still people

downloaded the most popular mods and maps and had fun

playing this custom maps.

Forget about auto downoad for GRAW2!!

Fix a great map pack with auto-installer to download from

a Clan website och from this site GR.net and stick to those

maps and have them in your servers.

Inform others about the map pack so we can use them more.

I like GRAW2 very much, it is the best "tactical game" i have seen on the market so far!

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I hope more custom maps are created for GRAW2!!! It is the only game in the market that I consider tactical. Many other games are just a kill fest and not real. I prefer to work as a squad to eliminate the threat.

I do wish you were able to jump but then that would allow the bunny hoppers. Would be nice to be able to control that properly. Another wish would be the ability to climb ladders to get to a higher point. Oh, one big wish, fix the CTD issue!!!!

The only other game that I think may fill this void is [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising]. But time will tell....


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I do not understand is that clans with the most popular servers say they do not add custom maps because as people are not low, then do not come to play.

If you add 5 custom maps and you want to enter do not have it .... searches and download. And if those maps are on top in more than a popular server, sure you go down.

In my opinion, each clan should add maps that we deem appropriate and hang them on their website (most have one, albeit only a forum) and then you want to enter your server, but has the map, go to their web, this will download and play.

Maybe they think I am saying is very catastrophic, but it is clear that, or we who are trying to extend the life of Graw or as soon as the games go FarCry 2 or Flashpoint 2, Graw 2 disappear.

I'm already a little tired of always playing the official maps. In our server [HI] have more than 40 maps, and it is a shame to see servers filled as FSN, HK, LB, so that officers have, and little more

AH! Not forgetting that the players just want to play in TDM mode ... as if after playing in TDM_ARROYO will change the map to a HH_TIMBER, leaving the server and will look for another TDM ..... a pity

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We (PL clan members) always play custom maps. True is that we have only temporary servers (for nights of week). Playing on officjal maps NOW is borring. And every evening many of players have fun with us in (for example) your maps Galor. When u go to our site, u will see in the download section that we have every of maps that was created.

We like them.

There are some problems when map is changed - 50% of users are quit because they haven't. But they back in 15 min :) I do not know what politics is on other team servers but that is true. They used custom maps in a small percent.

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  • 2 months later...

For Example, many my maps (Small town, Small Town Night, The Forest, The Sniper City, Import/Export) are not inserted in Gr.Net Download maps menù.


Did you ever send Rocky the files for these maps? I still don't see them in the downloads section. I'd be interested to check out sniper city.

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  • 7 months later...

I think otherwise.

In my point of view custom maps are really wanted.

I had a lot of questions in our coop_standard server. I use the server to make advertising for mods btw, and a lot of players asked where to load them and how to "install" (copy) them.

So i think if players will help interested ppl. to get custom maps runnin, they will be played as "hell". Its up to the community too, to keep a game alive. If all would resign because there are not that much servers running that maps, the game would be dead already, you are right.

E.g. we have 2 new members because of our "Ingame Movies". They saw the movie, buyed the game and joined us. So in my view it was worth every second of work to do that movies.

I personally cant wait for the next bogie campaign.

Cheer up! :thumbsup:

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We had an idee long time ago to create a interclan maps pack.

Because the problem of custom maps : if you go on a server, you will download the team's map pack. But you will go on another server : ###### i haven't a map... i must download this team's pack but : the pack contains maps i have already downloaded.

I think a way to increase the use of custommap is a common pack.

This is my idee i had with SPH team long time ago which isn't realized.

But all teams must be agree for the map list and they must'n use a map who isn't in the pack.

We have already a quite complete pack but it's a bit to big.

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Thanks to all who are still making GRAW2 maps because there exist nothing similar. We are not the experts or clan players but you give my coop family very nice weekends with additional campaigns and missions. Don't listen NoFears and please keep GRAW2 alive as long as you can.

Somebody must say that.

Keep up your great work and thanks from all anonymously ghosts is granted.

Cheers :-)

P.s. I thought all map makers are loading the maps up to ghostrecon.net and if somebody need one, he can easy grab it from there!? You just need a main source and that's it. The 1200bd modem time is gone when a download takes forever.

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Myself and my friends love playing coop mode since it is more tactical. I have been attempting to make some missions on existing terrains as I readily admit I am graphically inept but still enjoy the process of learning and making the missions. Thanks to the tutorials Davros put out and the help of the community here I am getting close to a beta for my first real attemp at a coop mission for graw2. After playing some of the ones I found here and on deadlyreacon's site this map almost feels tame by comparison. But on the bright side I can only improve on what I am attempting to do. My friends don't run a dedicated server but feel free to jump in anytime a server with BFG ( old mw4 team name) in the name is up, aswell we are usually on my ts server when it is up so jump in if and ask for the password if Guaridan happens to put a password on his game. ts is rusysplace.webhop.net for those that like tactial coop games. We do use the bp weapons pack found here though :D Enjoy the missions and see you in game.

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The era of Custom maps for GRAW2 is finished already!

Ahhhh...whenever I am feeling a bit down, I come back to this comment as it reminds me that things can change and hope springs eternal.

Well done Digger for taking up the challenge and thanks to all those who continue to post and play GRAW2.

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Just when we were hanging our heads in despair............When it seemed that all hope was gone.............No more way cool custom landscapes in which to apply our trade..............

There's no need to fear, LOBOFIERO is HERE!!!!! w00tw00tw00tw00tw00t

We've been waiting for a long time man, it's good to see that your back! It's true that the tdm servers run the same old maps ad nauseum, but the coop world is thriving and desperately in search of those who have your skills in map making. Hopefully you will just be the first of many to return. This is AWESOME news (I'm trying not to sound too excited :blush: )


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:) Nice to see that graw isnt dead and what lobofiero have coming up with.

Have tryed and learn a lot since Market map my self and the last i worked with was the polling mapfrom gr ,but has realised that is to much work (time) for one man to do to hold same quality as grins

dominion if u build all from scratch.

But i have some new ideas for graw and hope too finnish it sometime.

Cryengine is nice but its Diesel too... :)

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I just started playing GRAW2 in Sept., then played GRAW1, then got Ghost Recon (which I have trouble playing). I prefer GRAW2 over all the others. I have just finished Bogie's Vitale Campaign. Have been playing JohnTC02 games also. I play SP or the Lone Wolf missions only, I do not feel I am good enough to play coop yet. But keep up the good work and make some more missions for us nubies who are getting up in years. (we do not like the night missions very much due to bad eyesight).

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